The First Meeting

Players: Aiyana Colton

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NPCs: Mathilde

Summary: Aiyanna's and Mathilde meet a local cowboy.

Date: January 3, 1884

The First Meeting

General Store, Silver Creek

Aiyana stands at the window, looking outwards at the night. A dark black woolen cloak warms her body. Seated at a small table is her companion, a rather dower older woman who looks less than pleased to have been dragged to this unforgiving place. With a whisper, she leans down to the woman and in French beseeches Mathilde to smile.

Colton steps inside from the cold, and glances around the store. He looks over to the two women, and touches the brim of his hat, "Evenin ladies.." He makes his way towards the counter to have a word with the clerk.

Aiyana's violet eyes follow the man, his height stopping her in her tracks. The basket she holds falls from her hands and the various items become dislodged to roll and bounce across the floor. "Mon Dieu, Mademoiselle!" And Mathilde goes off in a tirade as she moves to retrieve the items.

Colton blinks a little in surprise, and kneels down to help, "Easy there.. No harm done Maam…" He nods over to the older woman, "Things like this will happen.." He looks over to Alyana, and smiles slightly, "You alright?"

For a moment, Aiyana is speechless in his presence. She simply stares down at him and it takes her several heartbeats before she is able to regain her voice, which is soft and low and her breath wafts over his face as she joins him on the ground, "I am fine, thank you. It was clumsy of me to drop my basket…" A sullen and murmured, "Oui, mademoiselle, maladriot…" A stern glance from her charge and then a caramel hand reaches for a bottle of peaches which luckily did not break.

Colton dusts off the odd can and puts it back in the basket, "You waitin on someobody Maam?" He takes the handle of the basket, and slowly stands up, "Seem like late for shoppin maybe."

You say, "The train was late. We just arrived and have no idea where to look for accomodations."

Colton nods, "Well that depends on yer pocketbook I think.. Hotel for those that can pay…. We got a boardin house thats cheaper, and got meals thrown in."

Mathilde's voice is thick with an accent, "Eez it for zee women only? Zee boarding 'ouse?"

Colton shakes his head, "No Maam.. It'll take anyone, but the missus of the house. She runs a tight ship.. far as I can tell."

Aiyana's eyes narrow slightly, already regretting asking her nanny…her nanny at the age of 24…to accompany her. Before Mathilde can probe further, she breaks in, "And the hotel is very expensive?"

Colton shrugs, "I reckon that depends on how much money ye got.. One night in the hotel will buy you a week in the boardin house Maam.. Foods good too."

Aiyana looks towards Mathilde, resigned to her future in the presence of her nanny and for once, longing to break free of the restrictions her family has placed on her. Violet eyes search the man's face and she throws caution to the wind. "Could you…take us to the hotel? I am sure I will be very comfortable there." With a gentle self-realization, she offers her hand, "I am Aiyana Chouteau. From St. Louis. Missouri. This is Mathilde my…traveling companion." Prison Guard, bucket of cold water.

Colton looks her in the eye as he takes her hand for a moment, "Colton Reynolds… Pleasure Maam.. Be happy to show ye." He nods over to Mathilde, "Maam. don't mind me sayin so ladies.. Yer hell and gone from St. Louis."

Aiyana's eyes search his, falling into those mossy green orbs. "We…We were sent to procure silver and…and gemstones and I have decided I would like to open a jewelry store here…" A cluck of a tongue and a "Mon Dieu!" is heard behind her, "I believe it would be…a profitable venture. At least I hope it will be." But it will not be under the eyes of her elder brothers.

Colton nods slowly, "Jewelry.. Out here Maam?" He smiles slightly, "Well I hope you get to be famous then Maam.." He rubs his chin, "Jest the same Maam.. Theres a fella runnin around these parts… Takin to hurtin women.. I'd think about hirin some help…for.. safety.. Bad men hear theres a woman alone with a bunch of gold.. You won't have it very long."

Aiyana blushes softly, "Well, my family is quite famous in the jewelry circles and in St. Louis and I've yet to acquire any of the needed items to properly open a store and so I may be safe for a time, will I not?"

Colton nods, "I reckon so.. Jest keep it in mind." He smiles slightly, "Welcome to Silver Springs."

Aiyana would offer her hand once again, but her hand remains in his and she didn't even realize it, though Mathilde holds back from pulling them apart. "Thank you for the welcome, Mister Reynolds. I am happy to make your acquaintance." She quickly glances at his hand, noting the absence of a wedding band and it all she can do not to ask. Many men do not wear the badge of ownership.

Colton nods once, "Alright…. Hotel is it? You got bags to haul…" He looks over to Mathilda, and back to her for a moment. He glances down at thier hands, and blinks a little in surprise. He gives her hand a gently squeeze and steps back, "Cold night to spend in the store I'd say.."

You say, "They are at the train station and can be sent over. If you would be gracious enough to show us the direction of the hotel. I do not wish to put you out any further as I am sure you've far more important things to do than usher two women around town."

Colton shrugs, "Not this time of night Maam.. Ain't no trouble at all. Glad to do it." He touches the brim of his hat again, "Sides .. Prolly better if'n I walk there this time of night anyhow."

Raven lashes fall gently, violet eyes peeking from between them. "If it would not too much of a burden?"

Colton smiles slightly, "Not a bit.. Whenever you ladies are warm enough to brave it."

Aiyana boldly slips her arm through his proclaiming, "We are ready now." And Mathilde's cluck of displeasure.

Colton nods once, and smiles, "Fair enough." He pauses as Mathilde clucks, and glances over to her. He steals a glance at Aiyana, before speaking to the older woman, "Maam.. Be an honor to have you on my other arm. In fact.. Be a right feather in my cap, two pretty woman seen in public with me."

Mathilde flushes and then melts under the courtliness of the cowboy. Aiyana smiles happily as her nanny takes Colton's other arm with both arms to prevent slipping. A whispered, "Thank you, Mister Reynolds for your kindness."

Colton merely nods to her, before he directs the pair outside and up the street towards the hotel.


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