The Spectre Closes In

Players: Teagan, Colton, Marcus (briefly), Mia

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Summary: Information exchanged.

Date: January 3, 1884

The Spectre Closes In

Silver Dollar Cafe

Teagan is seated at one of the small tables, being waited on by several staff as she speaks to her partner, Colton Reynolds. Her hands lay gracefully on her lap as she listens.
You paged Marcus with 'join # of tables.'

Colton sits at the table with her, watching quietly, until the door opens. His hand falls towards his hip, as he looks over at the noise.

Marcus walks into the cafe and glances around. Something about the large, leather coat-clad figure just doesn't fit in this place. He eyes the man reaching for his weapon as he enters, "Careful, you'll put an eye out."

Colton shrugs slightly, "Wouldn't be mine mister.."

Teagan's vibrant eyes move towards the man as he enters, moving unconsciously towards Colton as though to place herself behind him, which is difficult as she is seated.

Marcus smirks at Colton and says, "I like you." He makes his way over to the table and pulls out a chair, "So." He looks at Teagan, "You're the one who needs the ranch hand, yes?"

Colton glances over to Teagan falling silent. He looks the man over, and shakes his head once looking back to the lady.

Teagan straightens, still seated near to Colton as she responds, "WE are looking for a ranch hand, yes. This is Mister Colton Reynolds, my partner with whom you will have to pass muster, sir."

Marcus is a pretty average sized man in his twenties. His sandy brown hair is shifted loosely. His face consists of strong features but his shimmering eyes throw all of this off and give him a childish look. He's clothed in a crisp, clean, white button-up shirt under a black waist-coat, under a long, flowing, black trenchcoat. His legs are covered in fitted, black slacks which trail down to his black boots which are connected to shining silver spurs. He's usually seen wield an intricate-looking pearl-handled Winchester rifle.

Paterson Colt

Marcus looks at the two of them together, "Oh, pardon me." He looks at the man and says, "I'm Marcus Berry." He offers his hand to shake.

Colton looks the man in the eyes as he shakes his hand, "Colton Reynolds… Say yer lookin for work?"

Teagan does not offer her hand, a true lady would not, though she offers an elegant inclination of her head. She listens intently, her eyes moving from man to man.
Mia has connected.

Marcus nods to Colton and says, "Yes. I'm willing to do anything. Not many oppurtunities around here, it seems." He peers around, seeing if anyone's looking at him.

Colton arches an eyebrow, "Well mister.. I ain't sure what I got for ye.. You don't look like yer hurtin for money.. And if you don't mind me saying so.. You've got pretyt fine gear…Rifle like that.. Looks like yer doin alright for yerself.. What exactly do you want to do?"

Teagan shifts lightly on her chair, flashing eyes distracted for a moment by the entrance of a young woman, a smile and nod of welcome issued towards her before Teagan's gaze returns to the conversation between the two men seated at her table.


The woman here appears to be in her early twenties. Her hair is a mix of red and brown curls showing signs of Irish decent. The hair, when left down, falls down to her mid back, but usually you see the curly mass to be up, twisted into a bun on the top of her head with curls hanging from her temples as well as at the back of her neck. The merry woman has cream colored skin, and over the bridge of her nose there are freckles that dust her skin. Her body stretches out over a curvy womanly frame and to an average height of a woman at 5 feet and 4 inches tall. Bone structure in her face shows a strong chin and high cheek bones, however, the face is soft and welcoming at the same time, with bright hazel eyes that sparkle even as you look into them. Looking at them you'd seem the change from day to day, sometimes they are brown and others a deep green.
Her clothing is rather perfect for a normal day. A simple dark green dress falls over her body. The color contrasting her hair very nicely, her skin coming out looking fresh and clean against the fabric. The dress is short sleeved, sleeves poof a bit at the top of her shoulders, with a round neck line, buttons move from mid abdomen all the way up to the collar of the dress. A band of the same color about an inch in width wraps around her waist, showing the difference between the where the top portion of the dress and the skirt collide. The skirt is full, at least two petty coats beneath the outward material. In the end, the outfit is finished off with black shoes, a strap moving over the ankle to secure them to her foot.

Marcus eyes at the Winchester he's holding, "It doesn't work right now. I found it all busted up in the wilderness and decided I'd restore it. I'm too paranoid to leave it anywhere, so I carry it around." He chuckles.

Colton says, "Well sir you look more like a preacher than a workin man… What exactly is it you can do?""

Teagan's lips lift in amusement, her eyes brightening at the thought, then when Colton mentions "preacher" her smile disappears and she moves nearer to her partner.

Mia slips into the cafe quite litteraly as her right foot failed to following in step and get caught on the threshold of the entrance of the cafe. Catching herself before she does an actual fall on her face she squeeks out a "woah!" as she steadies herself. Blushing bright red, she gives a cautious embaressed laugh and looks for a table.

Marcus tilts his head at Colton, "I hear it's not a good thing to be a preacher these days. You hear about that crazy ass one running around pn his holy war? Anyways, I'm good with heavy lifting and I'm good with animals."

Colton nods slowly, "Well we need help… You had any trouble thats liable to come find ye? You got law chasin ye anywheres?"

Marcus scratches at his beard and says very bluntly to Colton, "No. I've taken care of all my trouble."

The near-fall of the woman almost drives her from the chair before several of the waiters come to the woman's aid. Teagan relaxes slightly, offering the woman a smile of commiseration before returning to the conversation at hand.


Mia blushes even more as the waiters comes to her side, shaking her head and waving them off, "Really. I'm fine. I-I just…" she doesnt finish and waves them off again "I'll just take a seat." she moves away from them, feeling their gaze on her still, "Oh lord, they probably thing I'm going to fall again. Do not fall Mia.. Do not fall." she says to herself as she slips into a table near by.

Teagan gestures for one of the waiters to come over to her, whispering in his ear before turning towards Colton. After a moment, a cup of tea is delivered to the woman, the benefactor spoken of by the waiter. "What are your thoughts, Mister Reynolds?" Once the man named Marcus Berry departs to parts unknown.

Colton shrugs, "He's dressed up like he has money.. He's lying about that rifle.. Doesn't look like he's done a lick of work 'is whole life…But.. We're short help."

Mia looks up as a waiter approaches, ready to give him her order as he sets down the tea she was about to order infront of her. She blinks at the club, and her lips move into an O. "Oh." she says quietly, but looks up at the man with a kind smile of gratitude. "Thank you." she glances around the room for the first time, stopping the woman and the man speaking at another table. Offering a shy smile before turning to her tea and adding some sugar as well as some cream.

You say, "Perhaps they are new clothes, Colton…shall we give him the benefit of the doubt and yes, we are short of help. He may be of a benefit at the stables, could he not?" She looks down at her hands, fingers of which are pleating the fabric of her skirt. Looking up, meeting his eyes she murmurs, "I do not wish to judge him before giving him a chance, but I shall leave the ultimate decision in your hands."

Colton lets out a long breath, and leans back, "He sounds like he could be trouble…. We'll give him a try, and see how he does..I ain't holdin out hope for 'im."

Mia lays one hand in her lap as she gently lifts her tea cup with the other, bringing it to her lips she softly blows on the hot liquid before gingerly tipping it so that she might have a drink or two. Allowing the warm tea to fill her she sets the cup back down on its saucer.

Teagan reaches out and gently, though briefly touches the back of Colton's hand, "Many people feel the same of me. And the Preacher has me in his sights."

Colton shakes his head,"Not for long Maam.. Not if I gots any say in it."

Teagan searches his face and responds with a delicate smile, "I put my life in your hands, Colton. And my faith. Have you spoken with the Indian who said he would take you to search for the Preacher?"

Colton shakes his head, "I wanted to make sure you were safe before I took out for a couple of days."

Teagan lowers her eyes, a soft sigh escaping her lips, "I have been a trial to you, Colton. Tell me what you wish me to do and I will accept it and give you now further trouble."

Colton smiles slightly, "Well Maam.. Jest keep yourself safe while I'm gone.. Jest in case.. Somethen happens is all… I'd say if'n your scarce.. Then they can't find ye to do ye any harm."

Teagan lifts her hand and crosses her heart with a soft gesture, "I promise to do nothing to jeopardize my safety or make you upset with me. And I will try as hard as I may to stay…scarce."

Colton chuckles, "I'm gonna hold ye to that Maam." He leans back in his chair a bit, and glances around, "I need to find the indian sure enough."

You say, "Perhaps someone at the General Store? I have heard that is the conduit by which all comings and goings move through?"

Colton nods slowly, "Thats sound enough thinkin.. " He looks at her a moment, "I can walk ye back? Can ye make it on yer own.."

You say, "I can make it on my own, Colton. I promise to be careful."

Colton nods once, and stands up picking up his hat, "I'll be back to check on ye Maam.." He nods once to the woman before putting on his hat, and closing up his coat. He nods over to Mis as he passes by on his way to the door.

Mia looks up at the man as he passes, offering a pleasant smile in return for his nod.

Teagan orders a cup of tea, looking about as the air stills around her and the silence becomes overwhelming.

Mia glances at the woman that is left by herself as her companions have left her. Her hands settled together in her lap. Bitting her lower lip, cautious before bringing her eyes to the woman again. "He likes you very much." she says to the woman. "I did not mean to ease drop…" she starts to explain, blushing, "My father always said I had good ears…"

Teagan's aquamarine eyes train on the woman, a delicate crest of color coming to her cheeks in regards to Colton. "He…He is a wonderful man and I am very proud to have him as my business partner. And…there is not a thing wrong with having good ears, Miss….?" A delicate gesture from Teagan bids the woman to join her.

"…Miss Mia Campbell." she says, "But you may just call me Mia if you wish." clearing her throat lightly. "I hope I'm not being to bold to say so… However my observation is that there is more then a business partnership, Miss."

Teagan offers her hand gently towards the woman, "Lady Teagan Fitzgerald," another blush warms her face, "And why would you say such, Miss Campbell?"

Mia pushes back from her seat and stands, leaving the tea cup behind as she moves to take the ladies hand. "A pleasure to meet you My Lady." she gestures toward the seats at the womans table, "would you mind so much if I sat with you?"

You say, "I would relish it, Miss Campbell. Other than Mister Reynolds, you are the only other I have met in the town." A brief gesture bids her sit. "I have wanted to meet others, it is simply that Mister Reynolds and I have been busy and then this horrid encounter with the Preacher person…."

Mia pulls a chair out and delicately takes a seat there, pulling up to the table, she lays her hands in her lap and arranges to skirts around the chair. "I do not know many people myself. I keep to myself mostly. Too afraid I'll break something valuable to someone with my clumsiness." she grins making a joke of herself. Forgetting where she was in the conversation until just now she jumps "Oh!" she laughs, "Yes, well, its the way he response to what you say. in the manner in which he does so."

Teagan laughs softly, "He is very protective of me and is frustrated with me for not staying in one spot in order for him to protect me to the best of his ability. Since the man who represented the preacher…p-person who came to my ranch and wanted me to come with him, but Mister Franklin sent him…away…" her voice trails off as she realizes she may have said too much.

Mia hmms softly, "Well, it appears that its for good reason that he worries and is protective of you then." she shakes her head, "have either of you informed the lawmen of these suspicious men?" her brows knit together with worry.

You say, "From what I have heard, there are no viable lawmen in the vicinity. They are going to go after him…Mister Reynolds and a Mister Marlowe are going in search of this degenerate who kills women for sinning."

Mia blinks at her, "Why, that would be every woman, for I've never met a single woman… nor man for that matter that has not sinned. This is outrageous!" she says. "Is your Mister Reynolds equipped to handle such a task?"

Teagan looks down at her hands for a brief moment. "I believe this person is targeting a specific sin to remove the head from those who have been thus inflicted. And I have full faith in Mister Reynolds to find this culprit and bring him to justice.

"Oh." Mia says, stilling looking confused before it suddenly dawns on her "Ooooohhh" she says again, drawing out the word. "Oh I see." she says the word Yet again. "Well, still. Thats not for him to decide. He does not decide who is to live and who is to die. and for what reason."

You say, "I thought the same and if it either him or us, I choose him to be the one who takes the bullet." Her eyes meet Mia's, the gaze burning with a righteous fury, "Mister Reynolds believes that since he is after me, that I should be as surrounded by as many people as possible for my safety."

Mia frowns at her, "I'd like to say that I agree with Mister Reynolds theory on that, but I do not." she explains. "I understand his idea to protect you. However, that might not be the best way to do so."

Teagan leans nearer, her eyes alive with interest, "And what would you do, Miss Campbell?"

Mia clear her throat again, "If it was me, I would go about acting as normal. Make him think that you are not afraid, however, have someone close by to watch. A bodyguard if you will. Someone that could take him on if he so did try to attack you." she glances up at a waiter that passes and then back to the woman again. "Do you have someone at your Ranch that you could hire on to follow you around a bit?"

Another rush of color appears on her cheeks, "Yes, there is someone I can hire him to follow me about…"

Mia leans forward towards the woman as well, "Like I've said… I'm no expert and this is only my opinion.


But if this man is as crazy as one might think he is from the sounds of him, he might be willing to hurt as many as he has to, to get to you. If you are indeed what he's after. It might be wise to take him by surprise if he decides to come after you."

Teagan's arms fit to the table as she leans nearer, "With someone at my side who is ready to kill if needed?"

Mia nods slowly, bitting her lower lip and looking about her, nervous that someone has heard her bold suggestion. Turning her gaze to the woman. "I mean… thats… only my suggestion. Perhaps Mister Reynolds idea is thought out more."

You say, "I think no one has thought of what to do since that has come up. The other morning, this foul man was sitting on my porch who ordered me to go with him to meet his "Boss". I knew I would never return alive. It was then that…I was saved from certain death by a wonderful stranger."

Mia frowns. "Now I dont know what to tell you. I do not want to suggest something that could be more dangerous then this already." she sighs and looks down at the table. "He got that close already with people on your Ranch."

Teagan's voice lowers to only reach Mia's ears, "I…do not think the man in question realized the other was so…close nearby, Miss Campbell. He was caught quite unaware."

Mia draws her eyebrows together once more, "Who didnt know? The man from this insufferable preacher? or your worker?"

Teagan leans nearer, "The man sent from the preacher had no idea my worker was so near. He was caught by surprise to his detriment. He held a knife to me and had my…ranchhand not been near, I know I would have met with the same fate that poor soiled dove encountered. My heart breaks to hear someone could do that to someone's daughter or sister."

Mia shakes her head, "Doesnt that seem odd to you Miss? I mean… someone thats helped claimed lives, if not done it himself, he was so unaware that people were around?"

Mia blinks "And he's already killed a Dove?"

You say, "I believe the man honestly believed I was truly all alone on my ranch. My partner was in town, though my ranch hand was most clever…The death was reported the day I arrived in town. The head of a soiled dove was discovered on the stoep of the local brothel. Just. The. Head. How horrific would that have been if the last vision the poor woman had was of that disgusting man the Preacher sent after me." A delicate shiver runs through Teagan in remembrance, "And to the one who discovered the parcel…I cannot even imagine the abomination."

Mia brings a hand to her mouth and gasps lightly, then slowly shakes her head, "Oh my… The person does not seem very smart. It appears that he could taken by surprise without any issue at all. Maybe you should talk to Mister Reynolds of this idea of a bodyguard? See if he thinks its a good one. If he still thinks its better to be around a lot of people, then… maybe he sees something I do not. It just doesnt seem like the Dove would be alone often. so people did not save her."

Teagan's response may be startling for one of her outward appearance, but her voice saddens as her eyes fit to the gold band on her left hand which no longer seems valid, "She evidently was not shown even the respect as a human being due to her line of…work. Another abomination. She was still a woman and worth someone's attention, regardless of how she…chose to survive during her short life."

Mia gets an irritated look on her face. "I do not appreciate when people take these sort of matters into their hands. This man has No idea what these women have been through in their life. Something could have driven them to those lives, we dont know." she sighs, folding her arms over her chest, the irritation is not obviously towards Teagan.

Teagan straightens her back, gently clearing her throat, her hands clasped on the table before her, the knuckles white, "I must agree, Miss Campbell. Too quick others are to judge. Too…easily are others discarded by events which, although they had certain control over many aspects of their lives, many were thrust upon…them by influences beyond their control. I weep for them."

"Men" Mia almost spits the word out, "They think so highly that they can make the world wonderful with no ones help but their own. That no ones feeling or idea or…"she realizes shes ranting and stops. "woops…" she says queitly, and puts her hands together under the table embarrassed.


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