The Undertaker And The Midwife

Players: Brigid, Cay

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NPCs: George and assorted waitstaff

Summary: The undertaker leaves the young midwife decidedly flummoxed.

Date: January 6, 1884

The Undertaker And The Midwife

The Silver Dollar Cafe


The hotel's cafe is a quaint and cozy room, with polished hardwood floors and white walls. Heavy gold brocade curtains cover the cafe's small windows, preventing any outside light from coming in. Small candles which sit in the middle of the tables in this room and the elaborate crystal and gold chandelier overhead provide soft, flickering light whether it be day or evening. The many round tables that are tastefully arranged around the room are covered with clean white linen tablecloths and decorated with lovely rose arrangements in which surrounds a small candle. A small bar stands in the back of the room. Made of solid dark wood, it has been polished to a high shine. To the right of this bar, a swing door leads to the cafe's kitchen.

Brigid is seated near the shadowed corner against the wall. The candle placed on the table accentuates her coppery hair, auburn brows and gentle lashes. She slowly eats a bowl of soup, the accompanying bread placed in small portions on a plate.

Cay enters The Silver Dollar Cafe, leaning on his cane as he makes his way across the room. He gives a friendly smile nod to the people who notice him. his eyes cast over Brigid as he moves to a table near her."Evenin' to ye." he welcomes quietly then takes a seat with only a little grimace on his face as his bad leg bends.

Brigid's eyes lift to meet the undertaker, a soft smile gifting her lips as she lifts a hand in return. Noting his discomfort, she gently bites her lower lip in concern before her citrine gaze returns to his eyes.

Cay settles into his chair and rests his cane beside him. He seems to notice her concern and gives a casual twirl of his finger."Winter…" he states simply to her, as if it explains everything. George approaches Cay and asks,"What can i get ya Mister McClarty?" Cay looks up at the man,"Coffee, stronger the better. I've a long night tonight if I plan to open tomorrow." George nods and moves to fill the order.

You say, "May I join yae, sar? I've a wee knowin' about pains. If I am nae bein' tae forward."

Cay lifts an eyebrow at Brigid, clearly amused."Ye've a voice that reminds me of home." he stands, showing no discomfort this time and pulls out a chair for her. "Please, i'd love some company," his eyes roam about the room,"I haven't had much time to meet anyone since I came to town." his eyes drop to the table."Especially one so lovely."He waits, holding the chair for her.

Brigid murmurs her request to a passing server who accompanies her carrying the remaining soup, her tea cup and saucer and sour dough bread. At his compliment, a delicate bloom of color graces her cheeks, "Thank yae." Slipping into the chair, she waits until the waiter places her food before, her hands entwined gently in her lap. Once the server bows and departs, she reaches across the table, offering her hand in greeting. "Miss Brigid Llewellyn, sar. I have heard that yae'll be the undertaker, aye?"

Cay takes the girl's hand and and brings it to his lips. Making sure he gives it the lightest of touches and keeps said kiss on her hand. His eyes lift to hers and he flashes a boyish smile,"Caidian McClarty, at yer service…and aye, I'm to be the new Undertaker here in town." He releases her hand a retakes his seat, the warm honest smile still on his lips.

Brigid's lips part softly as her hand is brought to his lips. Once he releases it, it remains extended across the table, her eyes holding a dazed quality as though stricken dumb. A soft gasp and then the realization that she is acting like a foolish schoolgirl spurs her into action, retracting her hand, her eyes falling to her soup as she murmurs, "Tis a pleasure, Mister McClarty." Her color is high and she must refrain from fanning herself.

Cay gives a soft chuckle, whether at her expense or not is unclear. He askes"So ye mentioned yer skilled at dealing with aches and pains…are ye a nurse then?" He statres at her intently, seeming genuinely interested in this young woman before him.

Brigid's color deepens, her eyes still trained on her soup, though her hand is now crumbling the bread between her fingers. After a moment, she finds her voice once again and it is slightly husky, "A midwife, though I went tae certify in Denver and t'was required of me tae know about many parts of the body….and me grandmam suffers somethin' awful from changes in the weather and so I've learned tae mix herbs and render tinctures for the ease of pain."

Cay quirks an eyebrow,"Huh, i've heard of such remedies but have never had a chance to try them." he looks to the corner of the room for a moment then returns his gaze back to Brigid,"I'd be willin' to try though. This leg of mine hurts like a sonova bi…"he clears his throat,"…I mean hurts something awful in the winter months." At that George brings his coffee and sets it before Cay."Thanks boyo!" is Cay's cheerfull reply. George nods and leaves the two to their conversation.

At his acceptance, her eyes meet his once more, a slight leaning of her body towards him, "I would be obliged if yae'd be allowin' me tae try and ease yae're pain, Mister McClarty. I canna guarantee it would be curin' wha' ails yae, but I'd like tae try."

Cay stares a the woman a moment, lost there. He gives a small visible shake then speaks rapidly, "Of course I would pay ye fer yer services. Where I'm from, midwives were always held in the highest reguard…even more than doctors." he chuckles,"Me mother used to say that the apple that kept the doctor away was given to ye by a midwife."

Brigid's smile brightens, illuminating her face, her eyes lustrous. "I'd nae ask for payment, Mister McClarty, simply the chance tae help yae." Another blush of color warms her face and once more her lashes fall.

Cay leans back in his chair, letting a sigh escape him."That's very sweet of ye, lass." he says quietly,"But me mother,god rest her soul, would never forgive me if I didn't pay a Midwife what she was due…" he trails off and pries his eyes off the girl and down to his coffee cup. A blush of his own coloring his cheeks as he sips from the cup.

Brigid watches his response, a look of bedazzlement overcoming her. She falls silent for a long moment and then murmurs, "Then on yae'r mother's memory, I shall accept." Once more she offers her hand in agreement, "I promise I'll nae spit on my palm tae seal the deal, hm?" A gentle teasing curves her lips.

Cay gives a healthy laugh and takes her hand in his gentle grip for a business like shake."it's a deal then."he says softly. He continues to hold her hand, looking at her in a way that says he's interested in more than her Midwife skills. Before the other customers can start think they are holding hands instead of shaking them, he releases her hand. Again with his boyish smile his gaze returns to his cup and he takes another sip.

Brigid emits a delicate sigh, a fluttering of lashes as she retracts her hand. "Wh-What brought yae tae Colorado, Mister McClarty?" Her soup, now forgotten begins to congeal in the bowl, the bread becoming stale, the tea tepid. All else is forgotten but the man across from her.

Cay lifts his gaze back to hers and replies,"I've owned several different shops in many locations." he shrugs,"I guess some of the other towns never really gave me any reason to stay."he pauses and looks to the ceiling,"…and plenty of reasons to leave." His eyes return to hers."Who knows, maybe my soul will find what it needs here, hmm?" he gives her a salute with his coffee cup and takes another sip."Aye,and ye? What brings a fire haired beauty like yerself here?" again he chuckles,"Fer I can tell by yer accent that ye weren't born here."

Brigid's laughter is gently born, "I was, actually, though most of the time has been spent within the grand Llewellyn brood. The Irish here are a rather large community and…we tend tae migrate tae our own. Though I have striven tae be more…open."

Cay lets out a laugh,"Well ye've held yer accent well for being born in the Americas, i'll give ye that." he looks sheepishly at his hands."Mine comes and goes…too many outside influences I guess."he shrugs,"However I've been told it comes back fairly thick when I on the whiskey." he ponders a moment then states,"Aye, Llewellyn…powerful family name back home too." he smiles,"I hope they are doing well here too?"

Brigid smiles ruefully, "Mam is due tae give birth any moment, and so, aye, they do well. I just received my midwife certification…from Denver…I just told yae that, did I not?" Her face flames in embarrassment. And in a rush, she blurts out, "I am betrothed tae a fella named Ian O'Mara and I dinna know if I…" she bites her lower lip before falling silent. Best to rip the scab from the wound.

Cay's eysbrows lift in surprise then he collects himself. "I see…" he says softly."forgive me if I may have said or did anything that would bring ye dishonor." his shoulders slump and a pout reveals it's self on his lower lip. He looks down at his coffee for a moment, seems to collect himself then lifts his gaze back to the woman. Smiling again."Perhaps it would be best if I were to get going…the shop isn't cleaning it's self" his eyes look to hers briefly, a look of disappointment on it…or maybe the man is just tired.

Brigid reaches out towards him, realizing it is not her place to offer comfort or anything of the sort and so drops her hand. A bleak look settles on her face and she trains her eyes in her lap, "T'was a pleasure, Mister McClarty. I…I am sorry." She does lift her eyes, a gentle pleading, "May I still bring yae some of the tinctures?"

Cay's eyes soften when his gaze meets hers,"Of course, lass…" he trails off then reaches for his hat and plops it on his head. As he stands he speaks with a little growl of effort in his voice."I look forward to it…" he pauses then leans in close to the woman. "'sides, just because I'm not allowed to pick the flowers doesn't mean I can't enjoy their beauty." he gives her a curt little bow. "A pleasure to meet ye Miss Brigid."

Brigid stills as his breath moves upon her skin, a soft gasp erupting from her. Unconsciously, her hands grasp the fabric of her skirt tightly between her curled fingers. "I shall…be round, Mister McClarty."

Cay nods then makes his way toward George and flips a coin at the man,. George catches it deftly and thanks Cay. Cay pauses at the door way and gives Brigid one more longing glance then gives his head a shake as he moves through the door and out into the night.


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