Thunderstorms And Fires


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*Firefighters, burn victim.

Summary: Kathryn and Torran talk in the Gemstone; Thunderstorm causes a fire to break out; Kathryn returns to work, gets escorted home by CJ.

Date: March 22, 2009.

Thunderstorms and Fires

Gemstone, Division Street, Doctor's Office

Torran is sitting at one of the tables in the area, with a drink in his hand and gazing around as people walk in and out. He speaks to one person or another from time to time.

Kathryn steps into the lounge, just finishing a round of songs in the main area of the casino. She's wearing a dark green dress made of silk in a fashionable style from Boston. Holding a glass of whisky in her right hand, she glides to a chair near Torran, sipping on the drink. Her face is a little flushed, brinking a bit of light pink to her cheeks.

Torran spots a beautiful woman out of the corner of his eye and gazes at her. He takes her in up and down, and smiles at her, giving a little wink as he does so.

The red-haired young woman blushes further at the look and the wink before taking her seat. "Good day, sir…" Kat says shyly to Torran with a timid smile. "The casino certainly is busy today, isn't it?"

Torran grins at her. "Shy are we?" he chuckles softly. "It seems to always be busy, I guess."

Kat nods her head, taking another sip of her whiskey. "I would guess so. I wasn't expecting it to be as busy as small as the town seems. No offense, the town is quite lovely, but smaller than where I've traveled to before."

Torran nods. "Hmm, I just recently got here myself." He takes another sip of his drink and gazes at her.

"I've only been here a couple of weeks myself. Our stagecoach got caught in a blizzard on our way to Denver, and my brother didn't want to travel any further until the snows started to melt. Only now he's gone missing…." Kathrynn says with a sad sigh. "I fear that he may have gone back out to retrieve our dear mother's body, saint's bless her soul, and might have had something ill happen to him…"

Torran shakes his head slightly. "I'm sorry to hear that Miss." he frowns for a moment but then replies, "Me, i'm here to open my own business."

"Oh? What kind of business, if I may ask?" Kathryn replies. "I haven't decided if I am going to stay or move on, once the snows melt. Finding my brother is a must on my list at the moment, and making sure my mother has a proper Christian burial is another. I intend to see those finished before deciding anything else. In the meantime, I'm singing here."

Torran hmms, "I'm going to open a place for doing barbar/dentist stuff." He smiles at her again. "I heard your singing, I like it."

Kathryn blushes again. "Well, thank you. I appreciate the compliment very much, sir. And I'm sure a business like that would be very worthy out here."

Torran smiles slightly. 'Thank you, I'll find out for sure, if I can ever get it open."

"Have you talked to some of the other business owners to see if they have a room they can rent you?" Kathryn asks, shifting in her chair to give Torran more attention, leaning forward a bit with interest in her eyes.

Torran leans closer, and stares into her eyes. "Well, honestly, I'm waiting to hear from the person that is incharge of land around here."

"Ah." she replies. Being stared at makes her skin flush to a deeper pink that slowly travels down her neck and chest. Looking shy once again, Kathryn pulls her green eyes away from Torran and down to her glass. "So what are you doing in the meantime, sir?"

Torran keeps his eyes on her, following her gaze down for a moment, but keeping them locked directly on her. "In the mean time, I'm just walking around, meeting people, just spending my days from place to place."

Kathryn nods her head. She's used to cheering crowds of men, but she's starting to feel singled out with the staring that Torran is doing. She chews on her bottom lip silently for a moment, trying to figure out what to say next. Finally, she speaks again. "I trust that you have managed to find lodging then?"

Torran remains silent for a moment, just taking her in, and all her lovelyness. Finally he replies, "I just stay in the hotel right now, the one not too far from here."

"That's good to hear. It would be most dreadful to not have a place to stay, after all." She says, and then takes a slightly deeper drink of her whisky. Kat then laughs nervously. "I must apologize for my manners. I'm a bit worn out, and have forgotten to introduce myself." She holds out one gloved hand. "I'm Kathryn Sullivan, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Torran smiles and takes her hand, still keeping his eyes on her. "Jonathan TOrran, its a pleasure to meet such a beautiful woman."

Kathryn blushes deeper. "Thank you. I'm flattered, really." she replies, hesitating before withdrawing her hand.

Torran smiles and doesn't move his hand just yet, enjoying the touch of hers.

She is silent for a while again, just sitting there, lookign shy and blushing before speaking. "Do you stare at all ladies that way, Mister Torran?"

Torran shakes his head. "No, just the beautiful ones, like yourself."

"That is very flattering, Mister Torran, but I'm quite sure there are other, more beautiful young women in this town…" she insists.

Torran smiles at her. "Well, your the most beautiful by far."

Kathryn looks up at Torran's face, as if searching to see if there is some ulterior motive here, looking extremely speechless by this statement.

Torran doesn't chance his expression, showing he has nothing to hide.

Kathryn looks as if she doesn't know how to take the compliment. "Well, um… thank you?"

The dark thnuderclouds that have been building and boiling over the mountains to the west free themselves from the slopes and begin to roll off the peaks in a black mass of fury, foreshadowed by the rising of the wind, and a splattering of icy pellets.
Bright flashes of lightning, followed by low, slow rumbles of thunder preceed the storm's arrival , forked tongues of fire reaching for the earth below.

The storm moves closer, building in it's intensity, the lightning coming now in nearly unbroken fingers of destruction, shattering boulders near the creek, splitting trees. The thunderclaps sharpen in volume, becoming cracks of ear splitting sound.

Torran smiles at her and leans a little closer. On hearing thunder sounds he turns his head for a minute to look out side. "Sounds like a storm is coming.' he focusses back on Kat.

An earth-shattering crack of thunder, and a brilliant ball of flame illuminates the entire north end of Division Street, throwing the buildings into a sudden bas relief…Cedar shakes from a lightning struck roof flare briefly as he wind whips them into the stormy darkness, then the flames are sucked away, leaving bright embers behind in the shattered roof.

The scent of smoke from the lightning struck building goes unnoticed, amid the fires in a hundred homes and businesses providing warmth to the huddled inhabitants. Indeed, a night to remain indoors, with hot coffee and a good book, as the whipped ice pellets turn into a driving snow, obscuring sight for more than a few feet in any direction. The lightning continues to flash towards the ground, as though with an evil intent.

The sound of the thunderclap causes her to squeak in fear and jump. Her drink spills over her fine and fancy dress, and Kathryn visably shivers as the hairs on the back of her neck start to rise. "Peter, Paul and Mary… that was… intimidating…" she says under her breath in a shaking voice.

Torran eyes her concerned. "Not scared by this are you?" he asks.

Kathryn looks back at him, her cheeks flushing once more. "S-scared? H-hardly…" So, the woman does have at least one flaw. She's unable to pull off a good lie, it would seem!

Tiny tongues of flame lick the underside of the roof, unseen in the whipping maelstrom outside, the thin streamers of smoke carried up and away in the howling winds.

Torran hmms and watches her reaction. "You are, I can tell, hopefully that won't hit us." he watches her more intently now.

"H-hopefully." Kathryn agrees, squirming a bit in her seat as she quickly knocks back the rest of the whisky in her glass. "I… I think I'll get another drink. Do you need a refil, Mister Torran?" she asks as she rises. Another lound clap of thunder, and she drops her glass as Kat jumps again, looking even more startled.

Torran shakes his head. "No I'm fine, but you might need another one."

The red-haired young woman nods and squats down to pick up the bits of broken glass with shaking hands, looking as if she's fighting jsut to stay calm.

Torran bends down to help her pick up the glass, moving closer as he does so.

The hoarse, raspy voice doesn't carry far in the storm, indeed, it is drowned out entirely, more than a few yards away, but presently the faint clanging of the school bell pealing through through the storm brings several hard looking men to the doors to peer out.

There is a dim red glow in the sky on North Division street, then a fireball as flames burst through the roof of some unfortunate building in a hellish display of primal savagry.

"Th-thank you. We don't have storms this violent back East, at least not that I can remember." Kathryn comments in a shaking whisper. she makes sure all the glass is taken up, and she dumps the pieces into a metal bin. "And now I owe Miss Meriah a glass…" She pauses as she watches a dim glow of red form in the distance out the window. "Something's glowing…"

Torran peeks out the window. "Looks like a building got struck and is now on fire." He glances between Kat and the window for a few minutes.

Kathryn goes pale and forgets all about the drink. "Oh no, people could be trapped inside!" She says and then picks up her skirts and start moving to the door, as if she's planning on risking her own life to save others.

Torran raises an eyebrow at her. "That might not be the wisest thing to do miss."

Between the ringing of the school bell, and someone's sharp eyes and nose, the fire wagon, it's own bell clanging, is hurriedly pulled up Division, led by a very large black man, with a too small leather fireman's hat on his glistening head. Other men, in a mishmash assortment of cast off fire clothing, pull the small wagon up in front of the Dragon's Kiss, unrolling canvas hoses, and manning the two man handpump.

"Well, doesn't someone have to go and make sure that no one is in there?" Kathryn asks, her fear of the storm all but gone. However, as she hears bells ringing she looks relieved. "Ah, sounds like this town is prepared for such an event after all…"

Kathryn stands on the porch of the Gemstone, watching people fight the fire at the Dragon's Kiss.

Torran runs out carrying a chinese woman in his arms. She doesn't look good, and has alot of burns on her. "This woman needs help, now!"

Water, cascading from the blackened roof, turns to ice, lending the inferno an eerie glow.

Marlowe, stumping about on his crutches, is pacing, perhaps too closely, in front of the building exhorting the firemen to greater effort. As Torran runs out fo the building, he steps back, "Git some watah on them, he's a smokin' in the back!" Miller comes out as well, coughing from the dense smoke, and shakes his head, 'Never found anyone else, just her."

The red-haired singer takes no time in gathering her skirts and running over to Torran. She holds her arms out to take the woman. "I can take her to the Gemstone." Kathryn tells him.

Torran hands the woman over to Kat without a second thought. "Take her to get help." He looks at the man who is apparently leading everyone. "Anything else you need done?"

Kathryn nods her head, and then realizes she has no clue where a doctor might be in this town. "Mister Marlowe, where's the doctor's office at?"

The pumper is still spraying water onto the flames, and Marlowe doesn't either hear or just ignores the man's question, pointing instead down the street with one crutch and grunting, 'Thet way..Y'all, git them sparks on the butcher shop out, he dun paid up too!"

Some grumbling arises, "We getting paid for two fires or one?", one of the pumpers calls out, earning a glare from the breed and a promise, "Jest do it, an' we'll settle latah!" he growls.

Water is diverted from one of the three hoses onto Tietz' business, the other two streaming over the opium den.

Torran runs back and forth, passing buckets between both groups. "Well, atleast I'm getting a work out for this." He keeps it going for as long as he can.

Not hesitating, Kathryn carries the oriental woman to the doctor's office.

Kathryn is carrying the woman into the building in her arms.

Torran walks in to get checked himself.

Kathryn is carrying the woman into the building in her arms. She looks around, but doesn't see anyone at the desk. Unwilling to drop the oriental woman off and leave, Kat stands there patiently, holding the woman. "Hello?" she calls out.

Torran glances around the office. "anyone here?" he asks.

Looking around Kathryn seems frustrated, but tries to be optimistic. "Maybe the doctor heard about the fire and went to go help?"

Torran hmms and looks around more. "I don't know."

"I don't know either." she replies, looking down at the woman with worry. "They didn't find anyone else? There's a girl named Josephine that works there, I hope she got out safely…"

Torran shakes his head. "No, no one else was found."

Kathryn nods her head. "I'm going to take her on into the office, I think and lay her down." she then states before heading that way.

Kathryn gently lays the woman down on the table, looking at her worriedly before stepping back out.

After a brief moment, Kathryn returns, and the oriental woman can be seen laying down on one of the operating room tables. "That was very brave of you, going in there and getting her out like that, Mister Torran." she says.

Torran shakes his head. "Its nothing, i would have done it anytime, I always try to help when I can."

Nodding her head, Kathryn looks back at the woman. "I hope she survives. Those burns look dreadfully awful."

The crackling of flames is gone, replaced with the cracking of ice as the Dragon's Kiss fire is beaten back by the Inferno's. The building, not a total loss, stands roofless in the ongoing spring storm. The walls are standing, though the interior of the main room is smoke blackened and sodden from the hundreds of gallons of water pumped onto the roof. No firemen were lost (thankfully!), and the only casualties seem to be a chinese woman and two firefighters who got too much of the establishment's wares.

Hurrying in from the back room, a small, dark haired woman comes out, wrapping an apron of sorts around her waist. Eyes the color of soft amber look over the group that has assembled. "I am the doctor here. How can I be of service?", she asks quietly, starting to move before the prone figure.

Torran points to the figure on one of the tables. 'there was a fire in the Dragon's kiss, she was stuck in it."

Kathryn points to the operating room. "The Dragon's Kiss caught fire in the store, ma'am. There's an oriental woman dreadfully burned in there. Mister Torran pulled her out, and I think we might have another man or two coming to get checked over." she explains quickly, looking worriedly at the woman and then at Torran.

Remy frowns a bit and moves to the woman. "I will need one or both of you to assist me. We must cut her clothing away…" She raises her eyes a bit. "Perhaps it should be you, mam. And you, sir, could go help with the fire? We need to get these off of her and get the burns cooled."

Kathryn nods her head and pulls off her gloves, stashing them in a pocket of the dress so she can help.

Torran nods and turns to the door, walking out slowly. He gives a smile to kat before leaving.

The red-haired singer nods to Torran, giving a tiny smile back in return shyly.

Torran looks at her once more while at the door. "I hope to see you again." He steps out to see what else is needed doing.

Remy does not notice much of anything except the patient. She reaches for the scissors. "I hate to cut such lovely fabric. But I would rather not have to lose her life for such. COme now. There is another pair there on the bureau."

"Yes, ma'am." Kathryn replies, blushing a bit at Torran's remark, but quickly gets to work finding the scissors and carefuly cutting the fabric off of her. Her green eyes go wide at the burns. "I've never seen such bad burns before…."

The doctor does not seem to notice the remark. Instead, she works on removing the woman's clothing to get to the burns. "Alright, we will need cool water. I want you to carefully cleans around the area but not the area itself just yet. We will lay cool cloths there to take out the heat."

Kathryn nods her head and as the last of the clothing comes of, she gets to work on cleaning around the wounds.

Remy, too, cleans and cools the wounds as best she can. Luckily, the victim has passed out from the pain. "For now, there is not much more we can do. I will put burn salve on after a day or so but for now, we will cover her gently and keep her sedated."

"Alright." Kathryn replies, letting the doctor do what she does best. As it is, Kathryn's hands are shaking and unsteady, and it's fairly obvious that she has not one bit of clue what she is doing, other than the other woman told her to do it.

"WHy don't you sit down, dear?", the doctor says in her clipped English accent. "I will get you some tea and you will feel better. You have no injuries, do you?"

"Thank you." Kathryn says and quickly finds a chair. "And no, I'm not hurt. I was in the Gemstone when the storm rolled in… I'm just a little startled is all. I'm not used to such violent weather. I came into this town due to the blizzard two weeks ago…"

Remy nods softly. "This is my first spring in your American West as well. I must say, the changes in weather are a bit startling. Why in London, it is always raining, or nearly so. But here, it is quite sudden."

She nods her head in agreement. "Usually, back East, you could at least see the storm coming, and not nearly as violent." Kathryn admits, her own accent a mix of Bostonian and Irish. "I don't quite understand how people survive out here."

"Neither do I, though Bennet assures me this happens every year. On top of the amazing amount of snow fall, I simply am a bit beside myself with the weather changes. Do you think weather caused this fire? And where did you say it was?", Remy asks quietly as she pours the tea.

"The Dragon's Kiss, and I would assume so, since it was thundering so violently." Kathryn replies, wringing her hands nervously. "Mister Torran said that was the only person they found inside. I do hope everyone else made it out safely, no matter what thier habits may be."

"The Dragon's Kiss? Is that a restaurant, perhaps?", The doctor asks, handing a tea cup to the other woman. "Here, drink, if you would. The tea is always fortifying.

"That's what I had thought until I walked into it the other day, looking for my brother." Kathryn says, looking grateful as she takes the tea and sips on it. "It's a… den for those that like to indulge in opium, I'm afraid to say…"

Golden eyes widen and the english doctor blinks a bit. "Truly? Oh my goodness…", she says, shaking her head. "I knew we had a casino here. The woman who runs it brings in her little girl to see Bennet once in a while and to play with Bella. But an opium den?"

"That's what Miss Josephine, who works there told me. I have no aspirations to return there any time soon, and I highly doubt my brother would be there." Still, Kat looks sadly towards the door, as if expecting to see her brother appear again at any moment.

Remy frowns jsut a bit and lets her eyes follow those of the other woman. "Your brother..lives here as well?"

Kathryn nods her head. "We are staying at the boarding house. We were on our way to Denver from Kansas City when the blizzard hit us. The coach driver and our mother died in it, and if Wayde had not found this town, we surely would have as well."

Remy reaches out as if to put her hand on that of the othe rwoman. "Oh my goodness. You have my deepest sympathies, dear. That must be very troubling. This town is a godsend then, for all it's apparent iniquities, it would seem."

"Thank you. And now he's been gone for nearly a week… and I can't help but worry." Kat admits, staring down at her cup.

"Perhaps a search party can be sent out? I know they sent one for Mister Marlowe when he was missing after the situation with the dam…", Remy says, looking to the woman. "Drink it, miss. It /will/ help."

Kathryn nods her head and sips on the tea. "Interesting flavor… might I ask what is in it? And I think that if he doesn't show up soon, I might just go out and look for him myself. If he's out drunk somewhere, he might be a bit… beligerant… with strangers."

"Do not go out in the storms and such yourself. That is not advisable. As for the tea..a bit of this..a bit of that..brought over from home." The brunette gives a small smile. "I do not think I have introduced myself proplerly." She puts out her free hand as if to shake hands. "Remy Witherspoon."

The red-haired woman takes the hand and gently shakes it. "Kathryn Sullivan, Miss Witherspoon. It's nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you as well, Miss Sullivan. Tell me, do you already have a job here? YOu have a good hand at what is termed triage…", Remy says with a smile.

"I know very little about the arts of healing, Miss Witherspoon. And for the time being, I'm singing at the Gemstone. Before Kansas, I was traveling with my brother. He was doing the prize fighting circut, and I would sing at the local saloons and taverns." Kathryn tells her.

"The Gemstone. That would be Miss Broussard's establishment, yes? As I said, she brings in her daughter to see Bennet. Delightful child..", Remy says with a smile again and then takes a sip of her tea. "A singer and a prize fighter. You must have such romantic lives."

"Not as much as one would think. Don't get me wrong, I love to sing, and my brother… well, we /are/ Irish, after all." Kathryn says with a small smile. "But most young men see my brother and look the other way. Quickly."

Remy nods softly and lowers her eyes to her tea. "I have met many Irish since coming here. Indeed, the girl that is called the midwife here, she's an Irish…though hardly old enough to be a midwife, I must say."

Kathryn takes another sip of her tea. "I have seen many here as well. My brother was born in Ireland, but I was born in Boston. We grew up there, in one of the… less than beautiful parts of the city. My brother got into the fighting circut, and I learned how to sing. Neither one of us wanted to see our mother grow old with hardships…" Her bottom lip quivers and she blinks rapidly to keep from tearing up.

"And so you came out west to findd your future, yes? And you have found it, as sad as part of it might be." Remy says, rising to get more tea.

"Not quite…" Kathryn says with a sigh. "I was singing in a saloon in Kansas City, and my brother came in to get a drink after winning a bout. One of them men grabbed at me in a most unseemly manner. I slapped him, but he tried to come at me again… my brother lost his temper and beat the man to death. If it hadn't of been for an eyewitness that spoke up on Wayde's behalf, he would have seen the gallows." Kathryn states. "So we were leaving Kansas as quickly as possible to get to Denver, and possibly move on to another circut for a while before returning to Boston."

Remy's eyes widen and she just gapes a bit, unladylike as it is. "My goodness gracious. Your brother is a violent sort then? I find that most men are. Even Doctor Bennet has quite a temper."

"If my brother hadn't, I… I don't even want to think of what might have happened, Miss Witherspoon." Kathryn whispers, her voice shaking. She sets the tea cup down on a nearby table. "I'm so very sorry. I shouldn't be putting all of this on you."

"Think nothing of it. I do not mind at all. You are lucky to have such a strong male in your family to protect you. Many women here do not.", Remy says with a gentle smile. "Please..stay as long as you need to."

"As nice as the offer is, I should get my nerves settled and head back to the Gemstone. It's my night to sing. If the young woman needs help paying your fees, please, let me know and I'll do what I can. I know that being tended to by a doctor isn't cheap, my brother can testify to that more than enough times." Kathryn replies with a tiny smile as she rises from her seat.

Remy nods softly. "if you must go, I understand. And thank you for bringing her in. I am sure payment will be taken care of in some way."

Kathryn nods her head and walks out.

It's late at night, only a few small groups of gamblers are about. They are quiet, and seem to be putting most of thier attention on the red-haired young woman on the stage, who is singing. "The water is wiiide, I cannot get o'er, Neither have I wing to flyyyy…. Give me a boat that can carry twoooo, and both shall rooow, my love and Iiiii…."

Torran slips into the room with the other gamblers. He moves near the front and spots Kat singing. He smiles at her and just listens from where he is standing.

Kat pauses for a moment when she spots Torran, and gives a tiny, shy smile before continueing. "A ship there iiiiiis, and she sails the seeeaaa… She's loaded deep as deep can beeee… But not so deeeeep as the love I'm iiiiin… I know not if I sink or swiiiim….."

Torran smiles and oders a light drink before moving to an empty table. He sits down and sips on his drink, his eyes on the lovely woman.

She slowly steps down the stage, her bustle swaying behind her. The room goes quiet as she weaves around the tables, singing and smiling at various men. Kathryn is fully in her element here, from the look of it. "I leaned my baaaack against an oak, Thinking it was a trusty treeee… but first it beeent and then it broooke… So did my looove prove false to meeeee…."

Torran smiles and watches her move from the stage. He glances around momentarily, out of habbit, but focusses on her just as quickly.

She smiles at one man, and caresses another on the cheek with a gloved hand, as she works the crowd. "I reached my finger into some soft buuuush… Thinking the fairest flower to find… I priiicked my finger to the booone… And left the fairest flower behiiiind…" Finally, she made her wade to Torran. "Ohhhh, love be handsome, and love be kiiiind… Gay as a jeeeweeel when first it is neeeew…. But love grows ooooold, and waxes coooold, And fades awaaaaay, like the morning deeeeeww…."

Torran watches her actions but doesn'react negatively. he picks up his glass and takes a long sip from it.

One slender, gloved hand runs down his forearm, and she seems to be looking only at him, before turning and gliding up the stage, finishing her song. "Must I go boooouuuund while you go freeeee… Must I loooooove a man who doesn't love meeeee… Must I be boooorn with so little art, As to love a man who'll break my heart…. When cockle sheeells turn to silver bells… Then my love will come back to meeee… When roses bloooom in winter's glooom… Then… will… my… love… return… toooooo… meeeeee…"

Torran claps along witht eh rest of the crowd.

Kathryn blushes deeply, though only those close to the stage can tell. She blows kisses into the crowd, before walking off of the stage and heading for the bar. Needless to say, there is a small following offering her everything from drinks to whispers that make her skin to pale. One good loud smack across a man's face, and any whispers promptly stop.

Kathryn finishes her song, and the small groups of people still left in the Gemstone clap loudly for her. She blushes deeply, though only those close to the stage can tell. She blows kisses into the crowd, before walking off of the stage and heading for the bar. Needless to say, there is a small following offering her everything from drinks to whispers that make her skin to pale. One good loud smack across a man's face, and any whispers promptly stop.

CJ steps in, the sound of a cane tapping followed by booted footsteps and he reaches and takes his hat off and glances around , having reconized the angelic voice that seeped outside and peers about and smiles as he walks towards the bar to greet a friend. "Welp nawhs Ah's knowed Ah's heahd that thar angel voice, y'mizz." He offers a warm smile. "Allow meh t' buy yew a drank."

She turns her head and smiles broadly at CJ. "Well, that would be most appreciated." The men crowding around her all but give a collective groan and slowly disperse. Except for one young man who is standing there as if he is God's gift to women. He pulls on Kathryn's arm hard.

"Come'n, sweetheart. I wuz here first, an' ya know ya want it." he says and then places a drunken and sloppy kiss on her. Kat's eyes go wide and she tries to pull back, but he grabs her other arm and starts to pull her away from CJ.

CJ eyes this whipersnapper and he walks over to him and he uses his cane and taps the man on the shoulder. "Mizz Kath does nawht wunt yore stankin' wet lips awl ovah heh, nawh gits before Ah's hit yew upside yore head." He didn't like how this whipersnapper was taking advantage of the situation nor of Mizz Kath.

The 'whippersnapper' pulls his stinky drunken lips off of Kathryn and sneers at CJ. "Oh yah? Whatcha gonna do 'bout it, ol' timer? I ain't skeered of no ones that's gots ta use a cane ta walk." His hands are still holding onto Kathryn's arms, and they actually clamp down tighter, wrinking the silken fabric and making her wince.

CJ looks to the ground for a moment, pressing his tongue against the inside of his cheek, starts to walk off. Its never good when he walks away. But he just looks to the boy, waiting for the boy to get his back to him. "Yore righ.".

"Good." The boy says turns his back on CJ, and poor Kathryn looks to be on the verge of a panic, as it seems no one else seems to be getting up to help her. They are watching with a great deal of interest, and bets seem to be changing hands. The boy pulls on Kathryn, and she tries to pull back, but she's just not that strong, and she stumbles before looking at CJ with pleading eyes while the roughneck kid starts to drag her off.

CJ slides the cane into his hand,getting a good grip on it without warning or hesitation, CJ strikes the man right across his neck, just where it joins the spine, not once but two hefty strikes. "Nevah trust a backwoods surthan boy."

The youngster looks suprised for a moment, then lets go of Kathryn, staggers half a step towards CJ with a fist forming…. and then falls to the ground. Kat's eyes are wide, and she seems to be shaking. The thought that she's not being roughly held hostage doesn't even seem to register at first.

CJ stepped back to give the boy room to tumble like a sack of bricks and he smirks as he presses the tip of the cane to the boy's neck. "Biggah they be, th' hahdah, they crash en wahke up fools." He other wise didn't even dirty up his white shirt. "Mizz Kath yew be awh righ?" He steps over the heap of shit to get to her. "He wun' wahk up fo' a whilest yet."

Kathryn slowly nods her head, though she's obviously still shaking in her dress. A few of the other men walk over, pick up the trash and promptly drop him outside. In the street. In a puddle from the earlier thunderstorm. "Th-thank you…" Kathryn stammers. "W-wayde's not b-been around, y-you see…" And without the big burly brother, the less desirable sorts have been trying to get what isn't their's to take, evidently.

CJ offered his arm to her. "Cum along en let's gits yew sumthang t' calm yore nehve's , drank's on meh. Ah's sorry yore hafta deal with such drunken scum lahk that thar whippahsnappah." He waves the bartender over and looks to her." What yew wun' fo yo'self?"

She puts her hand on his arm, and he can literally feel it shaking. "Wh-whisky, please." Kathryn states. "And… and you shouldn't apologize… w-weren't your fault, CJ…"

CJ holds two fingers up and then pays for the two whiskeys and hands her one of them. "Ah's knawhs but boy ain't bee raised propah, air else he'd nawht do wut he dun did, he be lucky Ah's ain't kilt him." He nods as he takes his whiskey and shoots it back with ease.

Kat tosses hers back as well, the warming liquid bringing a light blush to her cheeks. "Well, that's still hardly your fault. You can't be in charge of every young lad around here, CJ." she replies, slowly calming down. A very young man, probably not more than seventeen shyly walks up to them, but doesn't say anything, looking at Kathryn with dream-boat eyes.

CJ and as the young man starts to give that look, CJ gives his warning look. "Git along boy, ain't no ho' heah fo' yew." Waves his cane at the boy, darin' him to get any closer. "That be true mizz kath, but these heah 'boys, jest barely wet behind thar eahs, much less wet enny whar else." He gives a light chuckle though his blue eyes blaze an invisible trail at that boy.

"I ain't here fer no trouble, Mista CJ. I just wanted ta know if'n Mizz Kat could sing 'Wearin' of tha Green' when she's done restin'." The boy replies, though he does take several steps back.

Kathryn turns and looks at the boy, and it's obvious she's tired, but she smiles and nods her head. "In a few moments, I'll get back on the stage and sing one last song before I call it at night." Needless to day, several of the men in the casino cheer at hearing that.

CJ eyes the boy and he simmers down just a knotch and he looks to Kath,smiles a bit. "Mizz, cain Ah's hava th' honoh's of wawkin' yew home,aftah yore dun heah?" He still kept his eye on the crowd in general, just darin' them to move an inch towards her.

The red-haired woman looks back at CJ, suprise on her face, and then a light blush graces her cheeks. "That would be very much appreciated. Now, I must insist that you let me buy you a drink this time." She then looks at the barkeep and nods her head. "Put it on my tab, please. Miss Meriah can take it out of my pay."

The youngster looks quite happy with himself and all but struts back to his seat, though he does look back at CJ a couple of times to make sure he isn't going to get smacked with the cane.

CJ smiled, and gives a curt nod of his head. "Well Mizz Kath, thank yew. He offers his hand to her. "Ah's escoht yew t' th' stage." He stands up and yes he eyes that younger steadily as well as any other that could be foolish to take him on.

Kathryn tosses back the second whiskey and then lets CJ escort her to the stage. She glides up the steps, before turning to look at the people left in the crowd. Then her voice echoes through the building as her song starts. "O Paddy dear, and did ye hear the news that's goin' round? The shamrock is by law forbid to grow on Irish ground! No more saint Patrick's Day we'll keep, his color can't be seen, For there's a cruel law against the Wearing of the Greeeeenn…"

CJ smiles as he remains at the stage, looking like a right smart, and true gentlem of the south and he smiles as he listens to this song bird sing, with a heavenly tune.

"I met with Napper Tandy, and he took me by the hand, And he said, 'How's poor old Ireland, and how does she stand?' 'She's the mist distressful country that ever yet was seen, For they're hanging men and women there for the Wearing of the Greeeeeeen…." Kathryn sings. The people inside start clapping and joining in as she starts the third verse, "So if the color we must wear be England's cruel red, Let it remind us of the blodo that Irishmen have shed, And pull the shamrock from your hat, and throw it on the sod, But never fear, 'twill take root there, though underfoot 'tis troooood…"

CJ watches as he too listens and he smiles as he taps his foot to the music and he glances around to make sure no boy was itchin' to cause a ruckus and he was pleased, guess word got around he was on the prowl in a manner of speaking and he sits in his chair, both hands resting on his cane.

The last verse comes round and the crowd is quite into it, singing along with Kathryn. "When laws cans stop the blades of grass from grwoing as they grow, and when the leaves in summer-time their color dare not show, Then I will change the color too I were in my baubeen, But till that day, please God, I'll stick to the Wearing of the Green!" And with the song finished the crowd claps and cheers. Kathryn is blushing again, and blows kisses to the crowd. "Thank you all, but I must retire for the night!" she announces, to the vocal disappoint of the men in the Casino as she steps down from the stage.

CJ when she finished, he stood up and gives his coat tail a bit of a tug and then offers his hand to her. "Awwh , Beautiful as en Angel' singin' Mizz Kath." He smiled warmly as the men in audience gave their disappointments.

She blushes even deeper, a light red traveling over her face, down her neck and is visable even down her chest. What parts are visable before her dress starts covering her up. "Thank you very much, CJ." Kathryn whispers shyly. She waves to the men in the casino and puts her hand on CJ's arm.

CJ with her hand on his arm, the gentle places his hat on his head and leads the way. "Ah's thank yew much fo' lettin' meh wawk yew home." He leads the way out of the gemstone, pausing for a moment to adjust his hand on his cane.

"I'm glad to let you. It's much better to have company for the walk home than walking alone. Especially at night. This town might be smaller than I'm used to… but I've never liked walking alone at night." Kathryn replies with a small smile on her face.

CJ nods as he listens. "Welp nawht gud fo' a whoaman t' wawk alone, en enny town air city. Always gud t' hava an escoht." He walks with her slowly, rather enjoying the time with her.

"Oh I agree. But my brother hasn't been by lately like he usually does to make sure I get home safe and sound. I've even spent a couple of nights in the lounge because I didn't want to walk alone." Kathryn says. "I grew up in Boston, and not the prettier parts of it. I have my reasons for not wanting to walk alone in the dark."

CJ walks slowly with her and nods. "Welp ifa Ah's cain, Ah's be mo' than happy t' wawk yew home each evening that yore singin' lahk a song bird."

"Oh, that's very sweet of you, CJ, but I wouldn't want to make you go out of your way for just me." Kathryn says, looking over at him with a shy smile. "And what happened tonight… hasn't happenned to me since I left Kansas City. I'm sure he learned his lesson and will behave next time…" She sounds like she's trying to sound brave and convince herself of that as much as she is the man escorting her.

CJ smiled as she spoke to him "Ah's nawt mind, Ah's usually out en abouts enny hawhs. Sides, Ah's really wud lahk it." He crosses the street , course late like this most folks were at home. "Welp nevah cain be t' caheful, men git drunkah then skunks en nawt knaw's theys doin'."

"Well…" Kathryn says and gives a tiny giggle. "I suposse that if you insist, CJ, I just won't be able to refuse."

CJ slowly walks with her and smiles. Tips his hat to her "Yore Righ' as rain', Mizz Kath." He passes the doctor's office and saloon with her. "Sho' beautiful nigh'."

"It is indeed. You never see the stars quite like this back home, what with all the gaslamps on the streets at night." Kathryn replies with a breathless sigh as she turns her head skyward. "So lovely…"

CJ smiles with acknowledgement "Ah's agreed back home, Savannah wuz lit up, cudln't seed nuthin' til yet gots outta city . Advantage of th' cotton plantation, cud lay en grass en watch th' stahs."

"Lay out in the grass? Was that even safe?" Kathryn asks, looking back at him as if the thought was truely odd. "You didn't worry about unsavory types coming along and causing trouble?"

CJ shaking his head. "Aira Negras tho' freedman, mo' stayed wuldn't hahm a fly fo' nuthin'. " He stops for a moment, and steps off the boardwalk. "looky thar' be a shootin' stah."

Kathryn looks over. "Oh my. So it is." she quickly closes her eyes and smiles and she makes a wish, her hand tightening on CJ's arm by just a tiny bit as she wishes.

CJ leans against a post for a moment "Ah's seed that glint en yore eye." He smiled as he pushes from it and they start walking again. He was quite fond of Kath, though he was a gentleman, though most he'd ask for is a kiss.

Good thing it was dark, or else CJ would know that Kathryn was blushing again. Her eyes reopen as she moves forward with him again, and she flicks open her fan to cool her face off. In the dark. And it's not even warm out.

CJ Starts again walking slowly and he watches as she fans herself, and yes must admit a tad hot, he gives his collar a tug. "tell meh mo' bouts yoreself, Mizz Kath." the tapping of the can still echoed lightly followed by the steps of booted feet.

"A-about myself?" she asks, looking at him in suprise. "I don't think there's much to tell, to be honest, CJ. Our father died in Ireland, while my mother was still with child with me… she packed up and moved here to the states with my brother, Wayde, and settled in Boston, where I was born." Kathryn then looks back out into the starry night sky. "We didn't have much, but it was enough." She sighs. "But Wayde's so much like father, from what mother had told me… he started getting into fights…" her voice trembles. "I'm very sorry, CJ. I still haven't been able to get out and have mother buried properly, and I haven't seen Wayde in nearly a week…"

CJ turns to face her, pausing in his steps for a moment and he puts his hands ontop of her hands. "ifa be needin' help, Ah's be mo' happy t' help yew out, yew outta knawhs this." He looks to her, those eyes, captivated him. "Ah's sho' he's bouts, probably found him' job wit honest pay, Ah's give him a whilest yet, then ifa he aint cum home, we tawk t' th' sheriff, eh?"

Those eyes look back into his, and she slowly nods her head. "Alright. I'll give him a while longer. It's just… I worry about him alot. He has a penchant for getting into trouble…" Kathryn explains and then looks down at the hands on hers, and starts chewing on her bottom lip shyly.

With a faint glow of a oil lamp that illiminates from the street, gives that just right faint light, where it was just enough to see the person with you. He brings her hands to his lips, tenderly kisses the back of them. Seemed perfect that no words fell from this southern man's lips, didn't need'em.

Kathryn watches him kiss her gloved hands, and then her eyes slowly traveled back up to look at his face. His gesture seemed to have confused her, as she searches for signs on his face of any ill intentions. "C… J… ?" The red-head asks in a whispery, nervous tone of voice.

CJ wasn't going to hurt her, he'd kill if anyone tried to do os. He's facial expression remained soft, no hint that he was gonna drag her away. "Y' Mizz?" He knew the hour grew late, and he'd not wish for her to be the talk of the town.

"No… nothing…" Kathryn whispers, shyly looking away and chewing on her bottom lip again, the moonlight reflecting off of her skin, revealing the blush as she stands just off of the boardwalk.

CJ takes his hat off. "Mizz Kath,Ah's nevah huht yew fo' enny thang en world. Hope yew knaws that." He rests his hat on the hand grip of his cane. "Ah's lahk yew sumthang fierce but Ah's nevah tahk yore honoh."

Kathryn looks back at him, and even in just the pale moonlight, it's obvious that her blushing has deepened. "You… you do…?"

CJ wonders if he dares nod his head and he takes the chance. "Ah's do indeed." He offers his hand to her again so they could start walking once more.

She puts her hand in his, and flicks the fan open once more to cool off her face. "I'm… I'm very flattered, CJ." Kathryn whispers. "I'm… rather taken with you as well."

This brough a sincere smile that stretched across his lips. "Why Mizz Kath, Ah's flattah m'self." He steps a inch or two closer but still keeping that respectful distance. "Ah's been itchin' t' tell yew fo' a whilest nawhs."

"For a while? But, CJ, I've been here only…. two? three? weeks?" Kathryn asks, sounding suprised by this. "I'm quite flattered, really. But I didn't think anyone became smitten with another person that fast…"

CJ chuckles lightly. "That thar be righ' plenty time. But Ah's nawt tawk yew bouts it til now." He grew quite serious." Ah's nawt wanted t' scart yew away. Ah's do hope Ah's nawt do that."

Kathryn shakes her head. "If you had scared me away, I'd have picked up my skirts and gone running down the street, screaming at the top of my lungs, CJ." She reassures him, looking over and giving him a smile. "And I would do it too." Kat finishes with a light giggle.

CJ smiles to her giggle, followed by a smile. "Welp Ah's sho' glad yew ain't squalin' lahk e banshee, then." He starts walking again. "Yore e gud whoaman, Mizz Kath."

"Thank you, CJ. And you have been nothing but a perfect gentleman." Kathryn replies. "Sometimes men like you are hard to find."

CJ steps off to cross the small road and then up on the other side. "Welp, muh fatha, would've beat meh wit Cat o nine tails, ifa Ah's evah mistreated a lady. He burnt that ent' meh et en early age on up."

Kathryn smiles again. "Well, I'm glad you were taught that at a very early age. I'm still trying to get Wayde…" the sentence trails off as she looks at the entrance to the boarding house, the smile faultering.

Just cause the boarding house was in view,didn't mean they had to go just yet, they could walk a bit if she wanted. He wasn't quite ready to let her go yet, enjoying the company. "Sum boys air jest wild et heaht. He'll seed his ways sum day."

"I hope so. He's the older one of us two, and I'm the one having to be responsible for both of us." Kathryn says with a soft sigh. "Well, you know what they say… no rest for the weary…"

CJ chuckles and nods his head "Ah yes,Ah's cain undahstand yew perfectly." He looks to her and smiles. "Hawhs yew lahkin' aira faih town?"

"Well, blizzards and sudden thunderstorms catching buildings on fire… it's quite a pleasant little town." Kathryn states, that smile slowly returning to her face. "How long have you lived here, CJ?"

CJ listening, he'd not heard bout that til kath told'em as he'd been out of town getting lumber for his wares. "Ah's reckon AH's lived heah, 3 yeah's naw. Rain no' sno bothers meh much."

"Well, I guess one would get accustomed to it after a while, wouldn't they?" Kathryn then stops and looks up at the stars again. "And probably worth it, with this night-time view. Simply divine…"

CJ nods his head. "Ah's do hope yew wilt stay heah. That' way Ah's cain gits t' knawhs yew mo'." He smiles as he leads her to a bench for them to sit.

Kathryn gracefully sits, carefully adjusting the bustle on her dark green silken dress and then smoothing out the skirts. "Well, if I can't find Wayde… or if something has happened to him…. I won't have much choice either way. I don't dare travel alone, CJ."

CJ nods with understanding and puts his hand on her's "Well find sumthang of him, Ah's promise." He looks across street from where they sat. Fiddles with his hat for a moment. "Ah's naht let yew go alone enny hawes."

She blushes again and looks down at her hands and how they fidget with her dress. "That's very kind of you CJ…" Kathryn whispers and then looks back up at him, chewing on her bottom lip. "I'm… I'm working again tomorrow, if you want to come and walk me home again… though I'd like to visit with you outside of work as well…"

CJ smiles as she mentions when she's working and nods his head. "Ah's lahk that vary much Mizz, Kath." he offers his hand to her. "Sumtime yew should cum by th' stoh' en seed wut Ah's been doin' so fah"

Her hand glides into his as natural and scream turning to butter. "Well, I'm only a touch tired right now. If I tried to sleep now, it would never come." Kat admits with a sigh, the smile slipping away once more as she stares up at the stars.

He did like how their hand fitted together like a puzzle and he leans abit forward. "Nice en peaceful heah, yew lahk picnics?" He cocks his head slightly to the side as he looks to her.

She slowly looks back at him and that blush comes creeping back. "CJ? Are you asking me to go on a picnic with you?" Kat asks in a shy whisper.

CJ looks to the toe of his boots and he nods his head. "Ah's is." He gives that quirky little grin of his. "ifa yew do meh th' honohs."

"CJ, I would enjoy that very much." Kathryn replies, patting his arm with her free hand. "I think I'm honoured that you would chose me… out of all the pretty ladies in this town…" she looks away quickly, staring down at the frills on her dress.

CJ smiled broadly. "Yore en angel, purtiest gal Ah's seed en a whilest, en one that guts muh eye fo' sho'." he hopes the weather stays warm. "yew let meh knawhs when yew'd lahk fo' us to go, gud day fo' yew Ah's mean."

"Well, I'm going out to get mother's body tomorrow, no matter what the weather is like, and hope I get back before my shift starts… perhaps in a few days. I need to make sure she has a proper burial, like she would have wanted." Kathryn replies, sighing and resting her head on his shoulder lightly.

CJ nods "Ah's go wit yew, I dun built e coffin fo heh, nawh chahge fo' it." He puts his arm over her shoulders. "Ah's cain't let yew go do it alone, yew gunna need'en help."

Kathryn nods her head and covers her mouth as she yawns. "I would appreciate that, CJ. The stagecoach driver is out there too, along with the coach and most of our things. And I don't have the foggiest idea how to drive a coach." She yawns once more and is obviously getting to the point that she won't be able to stay awake much longer. "I should go on to bed. I'll come to your shop tomorrow when I'm ready to leave, alright?"

CJ nods his head and he rises to walk her to the door. "Awh righ' , we'll tahk cared of'em, dun yew worry nun. " he smiles as he walks her to the boarding hosue door.

She tiredly lets him lead her to the boarding house, and then stands on her tiptoes, giving CJ a shy kiss on the cheek. "Thank you, CJ. Good night." And with that, Kathryn slips her hand out of his, and glides into the boarding house.

End Scene


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