Town Rescues Dying Woman


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* Maria, Alfonso, and Omar Ramirez

Summary: Dying hispanic woman saved by merciful townspeople.

Date: February 10, 1884

Town Rescues Dying Woman

Doc's Office

You hear shouting: Help! Help! Please!

Two young hispanic boys are helping or.. more like dragging a young hispanic woman. She has been shot in the ab domen and is bleeding profusely. By the color on the woman's face, it does not seem good at all.

Wade steps out, raising an eyebrow at the shouting, then seeing the two boys dragging the young woman. "Hey! You! What the fuck's this about?!" he shouts, stepping down the steps of the Store and walking in their direction.

Colton follows Wade out, and moves past him over to the hurt woman. He asks a few words in spanish, "What happened?"

The woman goes completely limp in the arms of the young boys. One boy couldn't be older than twelve while the other no older than nine. They are dirty and covered in the woman's blood. Slowly, they lower down the woman, who is now unconscious and unable to help them go any furthur. The older boy looks to Wade, blinking at him. "Big man! Mean. Shot home. Bullet hit ma!" He says in english to the irate store owner. The younger boy seems as if he is beginning to bawl. The stress of the situation just overcomming him. Having to be more of a man, the older boy looks to the Sheriff. He brown gaze flickers down to the badge and he looks afraid suddenly. He begins to explain in spanish

Arden comes out of the store, quick on the heels of the Sheriff, "She needs a doctor from the looks of all that blood, Sheriff. I've got Seg, but it might be faster to run her over there." Honestly, she doesn't speak spanish and at the moment, the woman's condition doesn't really need translation.

You whisper, "A large lawman came to our home. He shot up the house! One of the bullets hit my mother and he arrested Mister Ortega! He shot Mister Ortega in the leg and and.. he burned down our house!" to Colton.

Colton pales slightly at the boy speaks to him. He sets his jaw, and moves to pick up the injured woman, "We need the doc.. In a hurry." He nods to the boy, and answers him in Spanish.

Wade nods, "Aye, Doctor's office be right there… shouldn't be hard ta get her in.. jus hopin the doc's in…" he says as he moves to stand over the woman.

"Get her over there, I'll bring the boys." She looks back towards the store, her voice raised in a shout, as she moves to come up behind the boys, to point them towards the doctor's office, where Colton and Wade already seem to be going. "Abigail! We've got wounded out here! get to the doc's!"

Colton picks up the woman, and carries her to the Doc's office. He kicks the door open with one boot, and moves her carefully inside.

The woman is still alive, though just barely. The wound in her belly is quite grievious. Blood continues to flow from the wound and there is no telling how long it had been bleeding. As Colton lifts the woman up, she just groans slightly. She is completely limp and her skin is cold and clammy. She is going into shock. The boys follow behind, the younger boy just completely in tears now. The older boy is growing angry. It seems to be completely different reactions from the two brothers. The younger boy cries out, "Madre!"

Colton sets his jaw, and starts talking to woman, asking her name, trying to get her to respond. He takes no notice of the blood on him as he grabs at the first cloth he can find to staunch the blood. He glances around angrily, "Where the hells the Doc?"

Arden comes in soon after the boys, Abigail following fast on her heels. She, for her part, has been trying to stay with the boys and keep them calm, using english of course, but trying a few french phrases, just in case some of the words might be familiar, but mostly english, "Abigail, see if you can help, I'll try to find the doctor, "Stay here," she instructs the boys, before she moves to do just that.

Abigail's hurriedly crossed the street and now she enters into the doctor's office. She only pays the change of atmosphere a passing glance or two while searching for the others who had entered before her. That feat is not difficult in the least. She makes a face. "But-," she doesn't make to trying with any complaints and instead steps in deeper towards the sheriff and the wounded, and the yelling, and the crying. "I can help. What happened?"

Colton swallows, "She's been shot.." His hands red as the cloth now, as he does the only thing he knows how with a gunshot, putting pressure on the wound. He looks over at the boys, "Get 'em out of here.. Take 'em….in the next room… They don't need to see this.."

The woman is not responding. She is unconscious, though barely hanging in with a bare thread. The older boy steps forward, "Her name Maria Ramirez. She madre. I am Alfonso and he Omar." He has to hold it together for the younger brother. He knows a little english, though it is heavily accented and broken. The blood of the wound stains Colton's hands with a crimson taint. It is warm and sticky, flowing a lil more with each heartbeat. Though the pressure seems to slow it somewhat. Every little bit helps. The older boy protests, "I no leave madre!" He looks angered, fire flashing in his eyes at anyone who dares to approach him. The younger boy is simply standing there, numbly bawling.

"Single shot to… okay, I can try. I can try," murmurs Abigail to herself rather than directly respond to Colton or the children. She looks to the sons of the injured woman and nods decisively. "They won't be in the way." Quickly and smoothly she's preparing herself, sterilizing, for the time being. She checks the other woman's breathing and then gestures to the side for the doctor's tools, hoping Arden can deliver them. Using her left hand to retrieve them, she uses her right to try and nudge away the man's red-slick hands so she can begin removing clothing from the wound. This part she takes her time, judging the wound itself. "Who shot her?"

Colton blinks in surprise, and slowly picks up his hand from the wound, and the bloody cloth. He looks at Abgail a moment before answering, "Marshall." He moves back from her a moment, and arches an eyebrow, "You know what yer doin?"

Arden makes a quick check of the rooms she can have access to, but doesn't go upstairs, "Looks empty." Just their luck, but it's alright. "Going to be just fine." That to the boys, as she comes back, catching Abigail's gesture, and going to retrieve the doctor's tools. "Only ever done home medicine with my mother's people. And worked on horses…but if you need a steady hand, I have one of those." Hopefully fingers crossed, Abigail won't. This woman's life hangs in the balance.

Alfonso moves closer to Omar, putting his big brother arm around the younger boy's shoulder. He pulls him in closer to himself as if allowing the younger boy a place to bury his face to not look. It seems the young Alfonso has had to play the man of the house for some time now.

The fabric is cut away, revealing a gaping hole in the woman's abdomen. To any trained eye, this is a fatal wound. It is amazing that the woman has even lived this long. What's worse is there seems to be a slight swell of her belly as a woman who was just a few months with child. Her golden skin is tainted with the crimson fluid that gushes out from her belly.

Colton steps slowly back from the pair, absently wiping his hands off on his shirt. He looks from Abigail to Ohls and back. He swallows, and nods over to the oldest boy, "You saw this law man.. Big man.. This high? He wear a badge?"

Abigail starts to speak up in reply to Colton but only glances sidelong towards the man, green eyes focusing briefly on the sheriff and the answer he's given before turning back down to the more important matters at hand. "Well, that's interesting." She presses her lips together and hisses out a low breath, explaining how her late husband had been a surgeon as if that were proof enough that she knows exactly what she's doing. While her hands are stained in red and the bullet is retrieved, she doesn't comment on the hints of the wounded woman's pregnancy. She merely focuses on treating the gunshot wound.

Arden remains close to Abigail, ready to do whatever the woman might need. And for the moment, that just seems to be handing her fresh gauze when it's required. In another place and time, Abigail would be her apprentice, but now, the women's roles are reversed, and Arden seems just as willing to assist as she would be to lead. She's the student now, Abigail the teacher, "You are a brave man, Alfonso. And you, Omar, to bring your mother so far. She must be proud to have such strong sons."

Alfonso just looks to the woman, listening to her words. It seems as if he has to really listen to process what she says. Then he translates the words to his younger brother. Teary eyes look up to the woman, then to his still unconscious mother. "Gracios Senorita." He says tot he woman. "She be fine?"

It seems the two women are able to stop the bleeding and save this woman's life. She will live to see another day and watch her sons grow up to become men.

To Colton, "Si senor. He have mean face. Hate in his eye. Ugly hombre."

Colton nods several times, and lets out a long breath. He takes the pistol from its place at his hip, and pulls the hammer back halfway, rolling the cylinder down his arm checking the load in his gun.

Abigail lifts a hand and accepts the fresh gauze from Arden with a lightened nod and smile. The help is appreciated. It takes her a handful of more moments to truly finish and upon fully dressing the wound she takes a step back, "She'll just need rest and a proper doctor to look her over." She pauses and wipes her chin with her right shoulder, noting Colton's appearance. "Is that really necessary, sir?"

Colton just nods once, "I expect so.. " He replaces the pistol, and glances between them, "How long does she have?"

Arden moves to clean up the detritus of the surgery, leaving Abigail to look over the woman. Once the blond gives the okay, she looks over to the boys, "I think, if I understood Miss Hayes correctly, that your mother will be fine. But she's going to need some time to recover from her injury. Sheriff, you speak spanish, can you translate for them?" She looks back to Abigail, "He is the Sheriff, it is his job to protect us. And sometimes words are not enough."

The brave Alfonso steps up and towards Colton. "I help senor." His little chest puffs up. "I practice. I hit tin can!" Then his gaze looks to the women. "Gracias senoritas." He has a rather grateful look in his eye. Words of spanish is spoken to his younger btother before turning to look to Colton. "Mister Ortega wants to marry mama. He in jail. He shot in.." He can't remember the word and pats a place just above his knee to indicate where Ortega was shot. "I help. Or.. I git help."

Ohls leans in, whispering to Abigail.

She'll live. Don't worry about that, but… I don't think her baby will. I can't treat everything." Abigail's gaze flicks to the side towards Arden and then she directs her attention to the others, a frown setting to her features. She did do her best though. She turns to the side to begin cleaning herself off. There's a pause and then she speaks up; "You're not going to need help, sheriff?"

Alfonso takes in a deep breath as he regards the Sheriff. Then there is a single nod that he gives to him. "I stay. You need help. You ask." The boy pushes past the sheriff and settles down next to his mother that remains unconscious, but obviously breathing a bit easier.

Colton nods once, and stands up.

Arden finishes cleaning up everything, and then considers, "I will see if I can find her some fresh clothes, and help the boys clean up." She steps away, leaving Abigail to watch over her patient, "We should get clean. Will you come with me?" There does seem to be some sort of steirlizing/washing area, not far from where the woman is now sleeping.

"Yeah, yes," Abigail lifts her hands up a bit and then steadily begin to drift away from the woman to finish cleaning off. She gives a glance over a shoulder towards the others, specifically the two lads. The frown fades so she can take a bit of time at being neutralized whilst following after Arden.

Alfonso looks to the women and then to his brother. Ushering his brother forward, he follows the women. He is as a silent sentinel guarding his brother. The two accept any kindness from the women with graciousnous and much gratitude.

Arden cleans herself off, and then goes to rummage in drawers. "Id the doctor doesn't like this, he can bill me." She looks to find a clean dressing gown, if one os to be had, the change the woman into, and then returns to the boys, "Let us go and wash, so that you will be ready to see your mother when she walks." She leads them carefully over to the basin, helping them as they need to get cleaned up. "Now, you are ready to look after her. Stay and I will bring food for you, and something warm to drink."


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