Valentine's Day Party, Episode One




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* Doreen Kirkland, a schoolgirl. Frank Tate, piano player at the Saloon, lush. Jasmine Sinclaire, silverminer's daughter. Zachary, Jasmine's brother. Miriam, Sean Padraig, Colleen, Finnegan and Moraine Llewellyn, children of Tess and Adrian Llewellyn. Nora, co-owner of the Silver Dollar Hotel.

Summary: Silver Creek's first annual Valentine's Day Party.

Date: 15 February 1884.

Valentine's Day Party

Silver Dollar Hotel


Outside, in the town of Silver Creek, the early dark of mid-winter is hushed, broken only by the soft whispering of the wind and the chilled softness of snowflakes drifting down from the sky like down feathers. The occasional horse or wagon passes through the far streets, but by the by, the town seems to be sleeping. Only the flickering of lights give any evidence to the contrary, as one approaches the town center. Soft, shimmering golden candle and lamp lights streams out between buildings, drawing town residents like moths towards the Silver Dollar Hotel.

The closer one approaches to the Hotel, the brighter the light, the richer the sound, as a piano plays a series of familiar tunes, and the sounds of voices carry residents up and into the Hotel proper. Normally rich and inviting, the hotel for the night seems to have also added romantic to its repertoire. In honor of Valentine's Day, the hotel's interior has been festooned with streamers, baubles and ribbons in shades of red and white and pink, all set around to accent window and chair and countertop. Paper hearts and colourful confetti top all of the free tables where guests might sit and enjoy the festivities. The decorations are of simple material, paper, glitter, gift ribbon, but they're obviously handcrafted by someone or someones of noticeable artistry.

The receiving room of the Hotel has a pair of tables set off across from the fireplace, pre-made crafts decorating the first, and ingredients for make-your-own valentine's gifts on the second. A small station has been set up as well, for warm drinks, coffee and tea, and hot cocoa for the children. A selection of cookies and small cupcakes accompany, and a number are prepackaged for resale. 'Sweets for your Sweet.' reads the sign over the tables.

The great hall of the Hotel has been divided into two halves. Along the right, a piano is set up, and a small makeshift stage covered with soft, dark fabric. 'Wooing Contest' reads the sign, and rules below the sign stipulate that anyone might participate, contributing a song or poem, or even just a great 'pick-up' line to the competition. A selection of songs and poems has even been provided, in case of need. 'Bonus points if you bring a lady or gent to woo.', Along the left a pair of 'booths', decorations adorning the walls, more than anything else are also labeled. 'Kissing Booth, a nickel a kiss.' The center of the hall has chairs neatly arranged for spectators.

The cafe of the Hotel is the most romantically decorated, each table decorated with full valentine's day regalia, and the lighting kept low. The tables are arranged to provide as many couples as possible the chance to sit and enjoy a private Valentine's Day supper. Various and sundry residents rotate manning the tables, offering food or drink to visitors and of course, the hotel staff is always available to provide the good service for which the Hotel is known.

A small ballot box is set up at the hotel's main counter, a sign below it, "Donations to help fund repairs of local businesses gladly accepted."


IC Information:

The Valentine's Day event is being held on the evening of 15 February, 1884. The owners of the Silver Dollar, George and Nora have graciously allowed the event to take place in their establishment. The event is -free- for all participants, and nearly all of the moneys raised will be distributed to the owners of those businesses that were damaged in the fire, to help them rebuilt. The rest will be used to reimburse the Silver Dollar Hotel for the use of its property and any damages that might be incurred. The events/activities that are currently being planned are the wooing contest including a poetry and singing competition, a kissing booth for the more daring, as well as a crafts area for ready-made gifts or do it yourself. The children's activities are in the crafts section, though they are welcome to roam anywhere in the lower level of the Hotel. Adults will be on hand to provide supervision for the children, and there's sledding and snowball fighting outside to keep them occupied. The Hotel's Cafe will be open for business as usual.

OOC Information:

Although the IC date for the event is the 15th, the event will run for at -least- two days, from Monday night at 7pm to Wednesday night at 7pm, but will be extended if there is continued interest in the event, to allow for as many people as possible to participate. Although Ohls is 'running' the event, everyone and anyone is invited to add to the festivities, and can even run/continue events that are ongoing if she is not currently logged in.

I would ask, that if you do participate in the event, that you please try to save a log, so that it can be added to the website. If you don't wish to add it yourself, feel free to email it to Ohls @ moc.liamg|ssalgwons#moc.liamg|ssalgwons and she will edit it and get it posted.

If you arrive at the event post event opening, you can access information on the event by visiting the following page:

NOTE: Please understand that while this event is open to all, and everyone is invited to participate, this is supposed to be a fun event. Please don't kill anyone, damage any property, etc. Because those sorts of things are not fun.

LAST, but certainly not least, I would like to acknowledge the hard work and support of Evalyn, Emma and Abigail, who all worked so hard to help me plan and prepare for this event. I couldn't have done it without them. - Ohls

Valentine's Day Party, Episode One

Afternoon, and the sun has long since set, so perhaps night would be more appropriate. But regardless, there's work to be done in the Silver Dollar, and Arden is currently at the crafts table, counting out the small collection of paper sheets and paints that are set aside for children's use at the table. A few baskets of precut decorations are set out as well, the woman's attention focused as she counts out about how many cards can be made from the supplies they have. "We might need to cut the paper in half, if we get a good number of children coming."

Meandering in, unlit cigar tucked between his lips comes one of the recent arrivals to town, a man that's been labelled with his self-given name of 'Ace'. Considering the festivities he looks almost presentable save for the cigar and rather cavalier demeanor as he makes his way from the rooms area into the Inn's more common area, starting to look about at the decorations.

Through the many decorations walks Abigail, heading for the same table that Arden is set near to. There's a look given to the paper cards themselves as she comes to a stop, listening to the woman, before shaking her head slowly; "Town isn't so big, there's plenty enough, trust me." She smiles briefly and reaches out to collect supplies from the table, looking up in the process of moving has her noting a gentleman entering into the area. "Miss Ohls." She looks to Arden and then inclines her head towards Ace before slinking off to distribute.

A nod, in answer to Abigail's reassurance, and her voice soon follows, "Of course, you're right. I just would hate for any of the children to go without." But she'll stop fussing. You can't really blame the woman though, if the party doesn't go off well, it's the blacksmith they'll be coming after. And nobody wants to see that, least of all the blacksmith herself. A frown, as Abigail addresses her formally, and she turns, as if to find the reason, and pauses, catching sight of one of the newest fixtures in town, "I see you found the hotel." Arden leaves the craft's table for now, going to do something imminently more useful, and that's to start the water boiling for coffee. "It's a good thing I spend so much of my time working," she calls after the blond woman, looking down at the cupcakes set out next to the coffee service.

The man remains rather expressionless before finally responding to Arden's comment about finding the Hotel. "Would seem so, wouldn't it." He offers then makes a motion about with his free hand at the decorations being set about. "Birthday?"

"Just on this one occasion, which isn't so bad at all," lightly replies Abigail with a lift of her right hand to idly wave things away. She smiles though, over her shoulder, before returning to her work at distributing the cards artistically along the table. She pauses, turns her head to look to the others within the area, and then returns. With it being done though, the blonde is moving to be conversationally close.

Arden takes a moment, looking pointedly at the decorations, which are all hearts and cupids and various streamers and such in red, pink and white. "Valentine's Day, the party will be starting soon." Water's poured into the kttle, before she puts it on the heat, "George let me use some of the raspberry tea from the cafe. It's actually not half bad, once you get past the smell." Not really a fruit woman, is Arden.

Outside, in the town of Silver Creek, the early dark of mid-winter is hushed, broken only by the soft whispering of the wind and the chilled softness of snowflakes drifting down from the sky like down feathers. The occasional horse or wagon passes through the far streets, but by the by, the town seems to be sleeping. Only the flickering of lights give any evidence to the contrary, as one approaches the town center. Soft, shimmering golden candle and lamp lights streams out between buildings, drawing town residents like moths towards the Silver Creek Hotel.

The closer one approaches to the Hotel, the brighter the light, the richer the sound, as a piano plays a series of familiar tunes, and the sounds of voices carry residents up and into the Hotel proper. Normally rich and inviting, the hotel for the night seems to have also added romantic to its repertoire. In honor of Valentine's Day, the hotel's interior has been festooned with streamers, baubles and ribbons in shades of red and white and pink, all set around to accent window and chair and countertop. Paper hearts and colourful confetti top all of the free tables where guests might sit and enjoy the festivities. The decorations are of simple material, paper, glitter, gift ribbon, but they're obviously handcrafted by someone or someones of noticeable artistry.

The receiving room of the Hotel has a pair of tables set off across from the fireplace, pre-made crafts decorating the first, and ingredients for make-your-own valentine's gifts on the second. A small station has been set up as well, for warm drinks, coffee and tea, and hot cocoa for the children. A selection of cookies and small cupcakes accompany, and a number are prepackaged for resale. 'Sweets for your Sweet.' reads the sign over the tables.

The great hall of the Hotel has been divided into two halves. Along the right, a piano is set up, and a small makeshift stage covered with soft, dark fabric. 'Wooing Contest' reads the sign, and rules below the sign stipulate that anyone might participate, contributing a song or poem to the competition. A selection of songs and poems has even been provided, in case of need. 'Bonus points if you bring a lady or gent to woo.', Along the left a pair of 'booths', decorations adorning the walls, more than anything else are also labeled. 'Kissing Booth, a nickel a kiss.' The center of the hall has chairs neatly arranged for spectators.

The cafe of the Hotel is the most romantically decorated, each table decorated with full valentine's day regalia, and the lighting kept low. The tables are arranged to provide as many couples as possible the chance to sit and enjoy a private Valentine's Day supper. Various and sundry residents rotate manning the tables, offering food or drink to visitors and of course, the hotel staff is always available to provide the good service for which the Hotel is known.

A small ballot box is set up at the hotel's main counter, a sign below it, "Donations to help fund repairs of local businesses gladly accepted."

Adrian and Tess Llewellyn, trailing almost their entire brood, and carrying two more enter, Adrian shaking hands with several supporters while balancing the newest addition, Moraine, just two weeks old. "Finnegan! Finn, lad, come here!" he calls out sharply as the lad makes a beeline for the sweets.
"Awww Da!" the boy answers, but returns, dragging his feet and towing sister Colleen with him, "What do ye wish, Da? the cake will be all gonnnnne!"

Tess enters with Sean Padraig in her arms. The 14 month old looks around the entire room, with his green eyes wide. He reaches for some of the streamers and such but is gently dissuaded from his mother. The tall auburn haired woman, smiles and tries to keep track of 3 year old Miriam as well. The bronze skinned child holds onto her mother's skirts and watches with round, dark eyes. Colleen Llewellyn spies some school friends and waves, her red-gold girls bouncing.

So much to do, so much going on, even though Abigail has assisted with planning things one way or another she finds the celebrating all to be grandiose. She manages herself well though, at the moment; arts and crafts, she stands there to the side of things and near to the fireplace in directing and guiding folk to the appropriate bits and sets, both pre-made and of custom-makes. She's smiling while assisting a pair of lads in the finery of make-your-own valentines.

Marcus opens the door and steps in, a cool breeze alerting everyone to his presence. He has a look around and scratches at his beard. "Mmmhmm." He makes his way to one of the corners of the lobby and leans against the wall.

Emma steps out of the cafe, into the main room and blinks a little as she notes the large crowd, her eyes darting to the door and then to the group, ok, can she get away without being seen, that's the question.

Miriam's dark cropped hair and burnished bronze face peers from between Adrian's legs, her fingers clamped tightly on Tess' skirt as the would-be mayor puts an arm around his wife and addresses Finn, "Mind ye lad, that ye watch your manners, and dinna be taking more just because tis there to take, aye? Collie, I trust ye to keep him out o' trouble, lass, there's a fine gel."
Taking out his wallet, he gives each of the older children two dollars, adding, "And be sure that ye contribute to the needy, for tis to be your home as well ye are rebuilding." Suiting action to words, he makes a generous contribution to the box.
Pointing to the makeshift stage, he whispers sotto voce to tess, "I'll be having ye there afore the night is done, mo chroi."

It seems the large titian-haired brood has arrived just in time, the party having started only moments before. The song in the hall is just ending, and someone, a man, calls out in the absense of the music, "Alright, girl, you made me a promise. You sing for me and I play for you." The blacksmith's voice answers back, "Alright then, can you play Star of the County Down?" Apparently the answer must be yes, as the sounds of the old irish ditty start filtering in from the greathall.

As the boy, Finnegan, approaches the table, the teenager, a tiny girl named Doreen, manning the station looks up, about to offer a cupcake, when the boy's father calls him back. She flashes him a friendly smile, stage-whispering, "There's plenty…don't worry." And then the largest collection of people so begin to arrive in the room, and the sounds of buying, laughing, singing and talking soon fill the room, the song carrying on in the background, the canadien woman's accent giving it a soft lilting air.

"Celebrations." Ace mutters under his breath from the corner he is hiding in, "With Children." The second part is grumbled almost as annoyed as the first part but his eyes puruse the crowd before he pats his jacket and sighs softly. "What's next, singing?" He barely gets the words out before he overhears words that clearly indicate his worst nightmare is about to take place. "Shoulda called this place Inferno."

Emma catches sight of one person here she knows and doesn't completly detest. Her attention is drawn towards Ace and she comes to stand in front of him, managing a smirk, "you came." she offers, some surprise filling her voice, her gaze coming to rest on Ohls, and she dips her head a little to the woman, offering her a wave of greeting before looking back towards the man in front of her.

Tess blushes at Adrian's words. " Up there? But I do no' sing an' ha' no wish t'be singnin'..", she says with a chuckle. She nods to Colleen to go find her friends and then balances the toddler on her hip. SHe moves to put a few coins in the box as well.

//Near to Banbridge Town, in the County Down / One morning last July / Down a boreen green came a sweet colleen / And she smiled as she passed me by / She looked so sweet from her two bare feet / To the sheen of her nut-brown hair / Such a coaxing elf, sure I shook myself / For to see I was really there /

From Bantry Bay up to Derry Quay / And from Galway to Dublin town / No maid I've seen like the brown colleen / That I met in the County Down /

As she onward sped sure I scratched my head / And I looked with a feeling rare / And I says, says I, to a passer-by / "Who's the maid with the nut-brown hair?" / He smiled at me, and he says says he / "That's the gem of Ireland's crown / Young Rosie McCann from the banks of the Bann, / She's the Star of the County Down." /

From Bantry Bay up to Derry Quay / And from Galway to Dublin town / No maid I've seen like the brown colleen / That I met in the County Down /

At the harvest fair she'll be surely there / And I'll dress in my Sunday clothes / With my shoes shone bright and my hat cocked right / For a smile from my nut-brown rose / No pipe I'll smoke, no horse I'll yoke / Till my plough turns a rust coloured brown / Till a smiling bride by my own fireside / Sits the Star of the County Down /

From Bantry Bay up to Derry Quay / And from Galway to Dublin town / No maid I've seen like the brown colleen / That I met in the County Down ///

Marcus chuckles at Ace's words, "No truer words have ever been spoken." He slips his hands into his pockets, intentionally revealing the gunbelt draped around his waist and the contents of the holster.
Long distance to Ace: Ohls rolls her eyes. That's like the first thing he does in every scene, show off his gun.

Ace nods his head towards Emma as she presents herself in front of him, managing a slight smirk. "Ma'am. I wouldnt' say showed up so much as wandered in." He's about to comment further before Marcus speaks up. The grizzled man glances over at Marcus, looks him over then looks back at Emma before speaking. "Careful there partner, you'll trip over yourself."

Emma hmms softly and nods, looking over the room, "aye, I know what you mean." she hmms softly, "haven't decided if I'm stayin or not yet, unless there's a dance..that could prove to be interestin."

Abigail pauses in offering over scissors to a gentleman and glances upwards at the sound of different music beginning to filter along the walls and through the air. She shares a few words with another attendant-volunteer before taking some time to breathe and search out the blacksmith. There are sidelong looks to those she knows and those she doesn't, lingering on the ones she does not know, and on approach to Arden she lifts her voice. "Think everything is going well enough?"

Llewellyn starts to move to a table with a punchbowl, asking Tess, "Would ye be caring for a cup, mo chroi?" but, before he can take a single full step, Miriam darts forward between his legs, causing him to stumble into a table, off balance and protecting young Moraine's head with his arm. His butt splats onto a bit of pink cake, the frosting sticking like ticks to the fine pinstriped trousers, but the child is safe, and his dignity barely ruffled.

"Oh no…." Tess says, stiffling a giggle. She gives Miriam a sharp look but then offers her free hand to her husband. "Let me help ye up, aye? Is MOraine a'right?"

Colton steps inside, and quietly moves out of the way of a few people passing by. He glances around the room looking from face to face obviously looking for someone. He moves into the crowd, making his way past the tables.

Arden finishes the song, smiling politely at the pianist, usually a regular at the Saloon, Frank Tate, "No, I really don't think so." That's in answer to the man's whispered question, before she steps down off of the stage, to let the next contestant, as it were, take their place. Another hushed comment, "More than a nickel." Once she's off the stage, Arden moves over to intercept Abigail, which seems to work on her favour, and she nods, looking out from the greathall into the momentarily converted lobby and reception area, and the growing number of people there. "Well, I hope so. I think so."

Evalyn is late! But she is here! Being the only healer type person in town requires a lot of time! Evalyn pushes into the Hotel, primping and preening at the curls around her head. She pauses just inside, grinning to see all the people that has shown up!

Marcus just remains quietly leaning against the wall in the corner. Not saying anyone to anybody who doesn't approach him first.

"Most likely I'll be staying. I highly doubt a town like this one has much going on in way of festivities or entertainment sides what is right here." Ace responds to the woman in front of him. "Will be an opportunity to meet folks who'll be giving me their money later."

Emma looks over the group again and then back to him, nodding, "aye, if you can get past all the people in love." she crosses her arms over her chest, some bitterness filling her face, "though if there's a dance, I expect a dance." she looks back to him and winks.

Adrian chuckles, taking Tess' hand to help heave him off the table, "Aye, me wee Love, she ne'er even awoke for the ride."
Reaching around behind him, he peels the plate from his backside, craning his head to assess the damage, and apologizing profusely to the couple seated there, "Twas but a moment o' clumsiness, aye?" he winks, smiles warmly, and heads to a corner to surreptiosuly try and clean the rest of the frosting off, telling his wife, "See if ye can get our names on the list, for tis a song I have for ye."

Tess frowns and apologizes again to the couple with the now squsihed pink cake. Miriam, for her part, reaches up to snag some of the frosting and Sean Padraig attempts to do the same. Their mother just sighs and nods to Adrian. "Aye..but I dinnae ken where t'be puttin' yer name in, leannan."

Colton moves toward the corner Marcus has occupied. He looks down at the man's gunbelt, and raises an eyebrow, "Cover that back up…. You know what that means?"

Evalyn smooths out her skirts before slipping in to mingle with the crowds. Though Evalyn was kindly, she is actually a shy creature and it shows. Silently she mills about, but seeing the icing on the bottom of one man's bottom illicits quite the giggle from the young lass.

"That's better than my initial thoughts," then Abigail pauses to let that sink in before lightly smiling and folding seriousness into teasing. The smile brightens then she excuses herself from the blacksmith in order to make a handful of rounds about the main area, in search of those in need of assistance or just folk to talk with. She comes to stand near to the sheriff and Marcus, watching for now rather than step in and interrupt.

Marcus eyes Colton and says, in a calm manner, "This is the kind of event that attracts the crazies. I'm keeping an eye out for one crazy in particular, if you understand what I'm saying." He does, however, follow the sheriff's orders and flip his jacket back over his revolver.

Colton nods slowly, "You flash yer gun in a room full of women, and children again… You'll see crazy.. and we'll have a different kind of conversation. " He pauses to look at Marcus, "This is over you come find me.. I need a word with ye."

As the singing continues in one half of the hall, a line of people are gathering on the other. A svelte woman, perhaps twenty-two, Jasmine, daughter of one of the silverminer's in town, and apparently quite popular, by the looks of her, has a line of potential kissees queueing up at her booth. Poor Zachary, her brother, equally handsome, but well, not Jasmine is standing by his lonesome at his booth. No takers yet, though a pair of girls are giggling in his direction just a few seats down.

The couple seated at the table of the now crushed piece of cake are actually a pair of teenagers just graduated from the schol, who were diligently working on a set of cards, and the giggles, at the state of the man, but the boy shakes his head, obviously the more serious of the pair, "It's alright, Mr. Llewellyn. I liked the chocolate cake better anyway."

Aiyana's tapered fingers take a drink from a tray, walking the periphery of the room, violet eyes taking in the local customs of the holiday, a periodic nod and smile to those who pass.

Ace looks at Emma and after a moment to smirk shakes his head, "Sorry ma'am, I don't dance. Dancing is for women folk and those who secretly wish they were women folk." Reaching up he scratches his scruff a bit and looks around, "That and drunks, and I certainly ain't that."

Emma visabely frowns to that, but nods, "al'ight, if you insist." she pushes away from him and towards the group, walking over to Ohls, offering another wave to her, hoping this one is caught, "quite the turn out."

Marcus scratches his beard and nods to Colton, "I've been meaning to have a private word with you, Sheriff." He stays leaned against the wall, watching the festivities.

Tess smiles at the couple and then nods. She moves further into the room, moss green eyes taking in the room. "Excuse me?", she asks of passers many new people in town! "Does anyone ken where t'be puttin' names for the singin'?"

Colton nods once to Marcus, "Find me when yer free then." He moves away from the corner, and touches the brim of his hat as he moves closer to the door.

The piano player calls out, "Any other contestants for the first round of the wooing contest? Come on up to the stage. Bonus points if you bring your pretty lady or your handsome gent!" The stage is on the greathall next to the piano.

Abigail looks from the sheriff to Marcus and then once more between the two of them before directing her attention towards the latter, clearing her throat gently. "Private words aside," the blonde says to Marcus, "Which particular… 'crazy'… were you in search of?"

Evalyn moves to wherever the refreshments are, taking a bit of cake and nibbling on it. Her sea-blue eyes scan the area quietly as she seems to simply enjoy watching everyone having their fun. Nibble nibble nom nom. Mmmm cake!

Sweet finally makes her way into the Hotel. The woman's honey blonde blonde curls bounce as she movees through the crowds. Dressed in her signature navy blue, she smiles at the men…Ace..Marcus.>Colton..Llewellyn. "Hello fellas…", she says, the dimples appearing in her cheeks. "I hear there's to be a kissing I came to help…" Her voice is smooth, warm and has a lovely Southern accent.

Llewellyn, still trying to discreetly clean pink icing from his backsidde takes Tess' arm, "Twould be our call, lass." and presents himself to the steps, asking the piano player, "Ye ken A SPAILPIN, A RUIN, boyo?"

"I'll have you know my rates are quite high, Miss Hayes," Arden calls to Abigail, though there's laughter in her voice as the woman walks off. And then she starts out of the greathall, moving to get back towards the lobby, starting her own rounds. She catches sight of Emma's hand and steers in the woman's direction, "Thanks to you. Everyone has had compliments for your decorations, particularly how you arranged the cafe. George has been going on about you all afternoon." Arden lifts a hand, her voice likely lost in the din, but she tries anyway, "Evalyn, you made it!"

Frank looks up from the keys, "You gonna give me a hard one next time? You think with all you redheads in town?" he gives a grin, and starts up on the song requested.

Grace walks in just in time to hear something about singing or wooing. That catches the redhead's attention. "Ye can sign me up!" she calls to the piano player with an impish smile.
She's headed over towards Marcus, though, when she sees and hears Sweet… And -that- makes her stop dead in her tracks, a dangerous glint entering her eyes. "And ye can keep your lips away from MY Mister Berry, madam," she says with a faint growl, "or I'll scratch yer face up so tha' ye donna have yer lips anymore."

Tess blinks as her husband takes her arm. "Our…", she says, letting him lead her, still with a toddler on her hip and a baby in her othe arm.

Emma nods to that, managing a small smile, "aye, glad I could help." she looks around the room again, blowing out a slow breath, "Don't think I'll stay, little too much for me." she looks back to Arden, "Was never good with large groups."

Crooking a finger at his adopted daughter, Llewellyn seats her on the makeshift stage, and places young Moraine in her arms, "And mind ye do no' move, ye wee heathen," he says, before mounting the stage and offering Tess the seat. He waits for the proper stanza, and begins..

Sweet's brows raise at Grace's words and she laughs. The laugh is a very musical sound, like bells tinkling. Those blue eyes dance. "Is that so? As if I had not seen him before? He's certainly seen me. Besides, the kissing booth is voluntary, hmm? And all for a good cause..", she says. She winks at Marcus and then moves to find whoever is organizing things.

Tess blushes and takes a seat. She keeps a hand on Miriam, who is holding the baby now. She frowns and considers reaching for the baby herself. "Colleen…", she calls to the 7 year old. "Come an' hold MOraine for a wee bit, aye?" colleen frowns, rolls her eyes and moves to do what her mother wants.

Llewellyn fixes his smoky amber eyes on his beautiful, but blushing wife, and begins to sing in a rich tenor, spiced with Gaelic, but with strong lyrical Welsh undertones, "A spailpin, a ruin, de bheatha-sa chugainn, No ca mbainis an fomhar chomh luath seo,Da mbeadh fhios agam fhein ca rabhais inne,

Marcus spots his betrothed and starts moving to scoop her up. He stops though as she goes off on Sweet. He can only grin as she goes off on the poort girl. He walks up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist, "Settle down, you crazy woman."

The calling of her name causes Evalyn to look up. She smiles. "I apologize for being late Miss Ohls, but babies are not always on the schedule we desire. I was called away for a birthing of a local farm family. They had a healthy fat baby girl!" She grins with a little bit of icing stuck on her upper lip.

Tess smiles and listens to her husband woo her with the song. Surely he will win this wooing contest!! She blushes at his words and just continues to smile, snuggling her 1 year old to her.

Colton touches the brim of hat as he pases by the doors, "Evenin Miss Aiyana." His eyes scan the crowd, looking for anything that might need attention. He glances over at Llewellyn starts to sings, and stops to listen.

"What he's done in the past is of no concern tae me, Bitch," Grace says firmly to Sweet as she turns away. "Just ye ken tha' if ye try anything -now-, tha' 'twill be the las' thing ye do…"
Ooop. Then Marcus shows up, tugs her close, and Grace's hackles start to lower. Grumbling, she turns to Marcus and glares faintly. But she relaxes and just snuggles close to the much taller man as she listens to the singing.

Sweet just chuckles and moves to the kissing booth. She speaks to Jasmine quietly for a moment. The whole time she gives the men in line a smile and a wink.

Miriam bares her teeth at Colleen and hugs Moraine closer as Adrian continues to sing, moving to Tess' side, and grasping her hand in his, "Ba ro ghairid liom do bheal a phogadh.O, a chaille bhui chron, nior mhilis liom do phog, Is ni ghlacfainn cead bo mar spre leat, Mar go mbfhearr liom-sa pog o chailin beag og Na a bhfuil agat ar bord an tsleibhe amuigh. A spailpin, a stor, fan socair go foill

Abigail lifts her brows as her question is met by nothing but silence and she looks after Marcus for a lingering moment before glancing to her sides. "Well, that has never happened before," but the woman's moving quietly off to the side of things in order to fetch a drink, help pass the time along while listening to the singing.

Jasmine gives a sidelong glance and then wistfully smiles at the words given unto her. There's a pause and then she steps away from the booth, allowing Sweet plenty of room and opportunity to go about wooing with her Southern charm. "I'll be back," she calls over a shoulder. "Don't you worry."

The words bring tears to Tess's eyes. She takes her husband's hand and the world disappears except for him and the story of the farm girl and the lad. It is so sweet. And so romantic a story.

Sweet smiles brightly at Jasmine and then turns to look at the men. "Alright..who's first. Best kisses in town, you know. All for a good cause. Step right up. Why…Sheriff..won't you come and kiss me for charity?" Her blue eyes sparkle and she laughs a bit.

Marcus brushes gently at Grace's hair as he holds her, "I knew there was a reason I loved you, woman." He chuckles and listens to the singing aswell.

His voice rising a bit, emotion filling the words with love, "No go bhfaighead-sa mo chaip s mo chloca, Mo bhroga sal bata, is buclai an fhaisean, Is go deimhin duit go mbogfad an rod leat, Shuileoinn leat go Caiscal is go Cluain Geal Meala Go Carraig na Siuire, thar meolas Is go brach n fhaid a mhaitfinn ni fhillfinn abhaile Is nach cuma, ce bhainfidh an t-eorna. A bhuachailli crua, gearragh go luath, Is cuirigh ur gcuram le cheile, Go mbainfimid duiseacht as bodaigh an phudair Is go ndeacamd ar nduthaigh fheinig Se chloisim iad a ra, na seasom an la Ag na bodaigh ata lan de phonairi,"

Emma watches the group again, and it is just too much for the young woman. Since all attention is on the singing man, she dips her head and slips out into the cold night.

Tess smiles as the song nears it's end. She squeezes Adrian's hand and sighs like a love sick lass. Wooing indeed. Will anyone else even come -close- to this? Tess thinks not. For being married quite a while, the man certainly knows how to still woo his wife.

Aiyana says, "It appears you are asked for a kiss, Sheriff."

Colton blinks in surprise, "Who was….Me?" He looks around a bit confused, "I ain't uh… Sorry Maam.. Theres plenty of fellas here I'm sure."

Finishing, Llewellyn's voice drops to a low whisper, the tenor fading "s ni acu siud ata ach ag Ri Geal na nGrasts go dtuga Dia slan on bhfomhar sinn." The song ends, and he finishes, the last words for her alone." I love ye, mo chroi." Looking about he asks, "Would ye care to dance?"

Sweet looks to Colton again and just smiles. "Come on now….it's for the helping of the poor and destitute. Just one little kiss. YOu know you want to."

Evalyn blinks at Grace, a soft gasp comming from her. Such language! Evalyn's cheeks pinken at the rather over jealous woman being violent verbally in such a gay affair. The Christian woman just furrows her brows in dissaproval to Grace's antics. But of course, she says nothing out loud on the matter. Her gaze flickers around to look at others. The song that is sung by Llelewyn captures her attention. She did not understand the words, but the song was beautiful nonetheless. When he is finished, she brings her hands together in a polite clap.

"An' I love ye…" Tess says with a laugh as their children all clap. Well, Finnegan and Colleen anyway. And Sean Padraig follows suit as much as he is able. "Aye…", Tess says, looking for someone to hand the toddler off to??

Colton rubs the back of his neck with one hand. He moves over towards the booth and reaches into his vest for some coins, "I tell ye what Maam.. I'll pay ye for two kisses, if'n you'll excuse me. The poor will be thankful, and I'd say you'd makes out better for it." He smiles slightly, and holds out the cash for her to take.

Sweet pouts prettily. "Alright..that's fine. Just put the money in the bank. I'll make sure to let the mayor know you weren't the kissin' kind..", she teases. Then she looks at Ace. "Step right up here, sugar…"

Aiyana goes in search of something to drink.

Collie, ever helpful, takes Sean Padraig, while Miriam continues to sit on the stage, solemnly tending to Moraine. Finn, free of his leash, heads for the cupcakes again, coming up behind Dorie and tugging at her skirt hopefully.
Adrian leads Tess out onto the dance floor, swinging gracefully into the waltz, a proper and respectable Victorian distance between them, though they were properly married.

Marcus wins himself a smile from his intended, Grace's expression showing that her temper has been soothed indeed. "Are ye willin' an' ready fer me tae embarass ye?" she half-teases. "I've a song tae sing fer ye."

Colton makes a tactical retreat, and drops the gold into box. He makes his way back into the crowd, stopping to stare off at something for a moment. He moves back towards the wall, threading his way through the crowd.

Tess smiles and is led into the dance by her husband. Stately and statuesque, the woman moves with grace nonetheless. Her hand is on Adrian's shoulder and her other in his own hand. HEr green dress, a few seasons out of date, moves with her body in a lovely way as the couple dances.

Marcus grins at Grace and says, "Darling, I'm always ready for you to embarass me." He chuckles and continues, "I wouldn't have proposed if I wasn't." A grin and he releases her to go sing.

Sweet chuckles and watches the gold go into the box. "Who's next? C'mon boys…your ladies won't mind..really. Step right up. Ah..Liam llewellyn. Nice to be seeing you again, sir.", she says to one of the older Llewellyn boys as he steps in.
Liam holds his wife's hand but moves to kiss Sweet quickly. "Nice to see you, Sweet. I heard your boss be back in town, aye?"

Dorie looks around, as Finnegan tugs at the bow on the back of her dress, "Oh, you know, I saved it special, just for you." She steps back to the counter and picks out one of the cupcakes, handing it off to the boy, "There's some hot cocoa, if you want it, but there might be something cold to drink in the cafe, if you want it."

Frank Tate continues to ply his way through the selection of offers as people come and go from the stage, songs and poems being tossed around. "Looks like the Llewellyn lord and lady are in the lead…who's going to try to best him?"

The cakes, coffee, tea and sundries are indeed still flowing, some coming from the Hotel kitchens, but most are homemade. And the people move between the front rooms and the cafe, which seems to be doing a lively business of its own.

Sweet frowns as the line for the kissing booth starts to diminish. But she brightens as she sees Armand. "Now Mr. Mayor. Surely you will kiss me and put a bit of gold in the pot for the victims of the last storm! It's all for the rebuilding. you know..", the woman says with all her Southern charm and dimples.

The dance over, Llewellyn climbs back up onto the unoccupied stage, "I'd like to say Thank you to our gracious host for organizing this fine charity. And extend a welcome to our current mayor, who has found it in his heart to return to our fair city, just in time for the elections in two weeks. I hope everyone that may will exercise their right to vote, and turn out in force. may ye all have had a happy Saint Valentine's Day."
With a final smile and wave, he steps down, making another sizable contribution to the donation box while gathering his clan.

Evalyn moves about the party trying her best to socialize. She pauses by the kissing booths, eyeing the pair that offer kisses in exchange for money. A gentle blush crosses her features at the very idea of giving a kiss to a stranger! She chickens out and moves on.

Tess smiles proudly at her husband and claps at his words. Oh he will make a wonderful mayor! She moves to regain the baby from Miriam and the toddler from Colleen, freeing the 7 year old to find her friends again.
Tess pages: perhaps, yes…mention it to him too?

"Is it now!" Armand says as he steps in to the festivities having been lead in with another one of the girls in his employee, making his way over toward Sweet. "And just how much is a kiss going for nowadays?" he asks, not truly minding the sign that surely gives a price. He smiles quite brightly as he gives a flourish of his cane. "Surely there have been men flocking to your venue to seek a chance at tasting your lips, cheri." he says just in time to catch that last remark from afar concerning his timely return.

"Not really. The Sheriff paid for kisses but wouldn't kiss me…Mr. Llewellyn is married and occupied..and yon man's lady friend..", she says, motioning to Marcus and Grace "Threatened to scratch my eyes out. "A few of the Llewellyn boys kissed me and paid, though, sugar. And a kiss goes for a quarter, Mayor." (Sweet)

Abigail has since returned to her duties of coordinating the fine arts of create-your-own valentine and for a while she's using her own artistic merits to help along those that lack such talents. She gives them ideas, passes them along the tables, and moves to assist others.

Tess moves the smaller children into the storytime area, looking a bit relieved to be free for a few moments. She hands the baby off to one of the older women as well, allowing the woman she knows from church to coo and coddle little Moraine. She then seeks out her husband, to stay by his side for the evening.

Armand reaches in to his coat to retrieve his billfold and muses as he thumbs through several bills. "I'm terribly sorry, my dear," he says looking rather solemn. "But I am afraid I value your charitable services to the community much higher. And besides, I am afraid I have no quarter dollars." he says, laying several bills on the counter and replaces his pocket book back inside his coat once more. "Let us consider that a kiss and payment for your escort around this fine event, hmm?"

Evalyn spies the crafting table! Hooray! Now that seems like something Evalyn could participate in without too much scandal! Moving over towards the table, Evalyn smooths out her skirts and glances around to the others nearby. A woman to her left seems to be crafting a rather lacy and intricate valentine! Evalyn leans over to engage in conversation with the woman and laughter is exchanged. Reaching for some materials, she sets to work!

Arden too, is milling around, like Abigail, more helping to make certain that everyone has what they need, than enjoying the party herself. But, well, that seems fun too, if her expression is anything to go by, as she greets both the faces she's seen before and the ones she's just now meeting. The Sheriff gets a hello, and Evalyn, as she passes her a second time, before she ends up back by Zachary. "I don't know what's wrong, Miss Ohls. I never have this much trouble in school." A shrieking giggle comes out of the crowd, before the pair of girls run off, and the boy shakes his head. "I guess they don't want to pay this time. Maybe we should get another girl." Arden laughs, nodding, and the young man steps back away from his booth, and promptly steps into Sweet's line. "Where'd she get off to…" The blacksmith goes in search of the elusive Jasmine, the second booth now vacant.

FranK spins around on the piano seat, "Llewellyn still in the lead…no one's going to try to bring him down?"

Sweet watches as Armand puts at least 40 dollars in the 'pot'. "Oh of course. And I'm sure little Jasmine won't mind taking the booth back over..", the blonde says, laughing still. She leans forward for that kiss, amid much oohing and ahhing and such things. After all, most of the single men know Sweet in one for or another. Some even biblically. WEll, as biblically as one can get with a girl like Sweet. "I surely don't mind escorting you around. YOu know, they're even having a wooing contest…"

Llewellyn is busy with his gorgeous wife, and speaking quietly with men who come by to chat, or just wish well, either promising support or wishful of debating. To each of the former he offers thanks, to the latter, an admonition, "Tis no' the venue for that now. Go and be with your loved ones, or find a loved one."

Grace chuckles at Marcus, dashing outside again. It's not too long later that she returns, an oddly shaped bag over her shoulder. She looks around and doesn't see Marcus… Her steps falter only briefly, however, and she moves towards the piano. "Beggin' yer pardon, Sir," she says to Frank. "But I fancy meself tae have a try… Is there a chair fer me tae sit upon?"

Tess slips up to her husband and takes his arm. She listens quietly to the talking but her green eyes watch the crowd. They land upon Grace, noting her accent. Her brows raise but she says nothing.

Colton moves back toward the doors, pulling his scarf from his neck. He glances around the crowd, looking from person to person as the crowd mills around.

Armand begins to lean forward to retrieve his but after a moment of thought he draws back a moment and leans around the side of the booth to take Sweet by the hands and gives her a twirl while pulling her in to his arms. "Ma'am." he says politely as he removes his hat and sets it aside so that he is free to wrap his arms around Sweet and kiss her, slowly dipping her back as he does so.

Frank rises, not so gracefully, but then, he drinks…a lot..and goes to pick out a free chair for Grace, bringing it back and setting it on the stage for her to you, "There you are, my lady." And that done, he gets back to the piano, "Now what song would you want old Frank to play for you?"

Sweet lets out a laugh as Armand twirls her and then kisses her like that so publically. Well, that was certainly worth the 40 dollars! Whoops go up from some of the men and women watching. After all, that was one HELL of a kiss! From the -mayor- even!

Evalyn couldn't help but to blush at that kiss! "Oh my!" Evalyn just redirects her gaze to her Valentine. Snip snip snip. Sew sew sew! Yup! Valentine making time!

Armand stands Sweet back up on her two feet, steadying her for a moment before giving just another glancing kiss on the cheek before he turns to the crowd that apparently got to see their performance. "Ladies and gentlemen, if you love your country, you love your town, you love romance, you just /love/, then please fill your hearts and empty your pocket books for charity's sake. Or if you just want to see your mayor make a fool of himself." he says flourishing his cane one more time before gathering his hat and setting off to peruse the other booths with Sweet.

Taking her seat, Grace opens up the bulky bag and pulls out a Gaelic lap harp of rosewood. She tunes the strings swiftly, before thrumming a trill with practiced fingers. The strings create a light, heavenly sweet sound that floats above the crowd. And with that she turns to Frakn. "Do ye ken 'The True Lover's Farewell?'"

Frank pauses, thinking…quite a task…thinking some more, then shakes his head, "I'll be sure I don't, ma'am. But perhaps if you'd play a bit on that…what is that exactly?…I can get the tune and follow after you."

Sweet wanders with Armand, her hand on his arm. She smiles at a few of the men still, stopping to talk to a few regulars from the Gemstone and such things. After all, she is quite the social little thing. And knows alot of the towns men, apparently.

Evalyn finally holds up her valentine she had made. It is sad really. Really sad. The heart flops over and a glittery object falls off. Layers seem to peel from each other. A frown comes from the woman as she examines the Valentine. There is a futile attempt at reattaching the layers but.. its comical at best. The woman beside her cannot help but to snicker and Evalyn simply retorts by sticking out her tongue.

Colton moves around the edge of the crowd circling, keeping out of the way mostly. He drifts toward the cafe, stopping to listen before Grace plays.

Grace chuckles a little and shakes her head. "'Tis a harp, boyo," she says with a grin. "Alright. If ye can folow meself, then off we go."
Fingers start to pick out a soaring, almost melancholy tune, filling the space between the melody with lush chords as the little Irish harp sings to the crowd. Finally, the clothier picks up the song herself and starts to sing. She is a clear, high soprano, and though not the best voice ever created by God… Her voice is pretty in the fashion of traditional ballad singers and emotive of the mists of Ireland.
"O fare ye well, I must be gone
And leave ye for a while:
But where'er I go, I will return,
If I go ten thousand mile, me dear,
If I go ten thousand mile.
Ye are the darlin' o' me heart
Until me dyin' day.
"The crow tha' is so black, me dear,
Shall change his colour white;
And if ever I prove false to thee,
The day shall turn to night, me dear,
The day shall turn to night.
Ye are the darlin' o' me heart,
Until me dyin' day

Arden finally makes her way back from the reception area, but rather than heading back into the thick of things, she turns and heads towards the cafe, only to nearly run into the Sheriff in the mass of people milling around, "Sheriff Colton…tell me you haven't been here for ages and I never saw you." She quiets though, as Grace's voice begins to filter out from the hall.

Jasmine, seeing not one, but both of the booths now vacant, does her part for god and country…and the people of Silver Creek and heads back to the booth, "Alright now, remember, it's one at a time." A flash of a smile, and she settles back in, a few of the miners get back into line for seconds, joining the other menfolk queueing back up.

Colton arches an eyebrow as the woman coms out and returns to the cafe. He glances back up at the stage before entering the cafe.

After speaking with Sweet between booths, Armand secures her to his arm and makes his way over towards the Llewellyns. "Ma'am." he gives a polite nod and even reverent to the mis'ess before he turns his head towards Adrian. "Sir. You have my heartiest congratulations on your decision to run for the mayoral office. I was wondering if we might talk at a better time to see if we might be able to see some understandings and put a public forum on the books. Perhaps later this week at my place of business you might stop by and have a drink with me?" he asks, raising his brows and smiling quite genuinely.

Evalyn gives up on the floppy Valentine. But it was still great fun to give an attempt. A pair of dollar bills is donated to whoever is leading the table. It surely would cover the cost of the materials Evalyn had consumed plus more for charity. Slowly rising from her seat, she makes her way to the stage. Her gaze focuses on Grace as she plays the harp and sings so beautifully. As the song ends, Evalyn applauds softly for the woman.

Llewellyn rises with an equally genuine smile as Armand and Sweet approach, "Indeed, I would welcome an oppurtunity to have both of us express our planks, as it were, though I must decline the offer of your business as a venue." he clears his throat, "tis no' a place, Sir, begging your pardon, that a good Christian family man would wish to be seen in, no matter the purpose." the amber eyes narrow, "Though tis a legal enterprise, and regrettably a necessary one to protect our wives and daughters from unwanted attentions, I must insist on a more neutral place."

Tess nods to Armand and offers a polite smile. She stays on Llewellyn's arm as the men talk, though her eyes stay on the stage and Grace's singing and such.

Sweet flashes Llewellyn a grin. "Nice to be seeing you, Mister Llewellyn. The boys come to fight in the Gemstone, you know. And they do so veyr well at the prize fights.."

"Well I was surely not expecting you to partake in the wares my girls sell. But as Sweet has just said, the boys enjoy it so. Besides, I was just interested at this time with just a friendly drink in my parlor between two men." Armand gestures shortly with his hand before he gives a soft shrug. "If you would be more comfortable, perhaps here in the hotel's dining room later this week. We can occupy a corner and see what two minds like ours are able to talk about, oui? Then we might set up a more public showing of our points to the public."

He inclines his head genteely to the blonde woamn, "Begging your pardon, Madam, Sir' he says drily, "me lads did come to fight, when they were yet single and younger. but, on your long…holiday, they have wed, and nae longer pursue the sport o' fisticuffs. Indeed, the lads have returned to the ould country, to manage our interests there, save Liam who is back on holiday."
Turning back to Armand, he says, "And why not the Cafe in this very establishment then? George, I assure you, keeps a fine bottle o' uiscea beatha that I can vouch for."

Sweet laughs at Llewellyn. "If it makes you feel better to think so, Mr. Llewellyn. I won't be telling you of how Liam won the fight last week.", she says and then quiets.

Grace's eyes are turned away from the audience, even closed at times. Her body is angled slightly towards the nearest corner, allowing her voice to bounce back to the listeners in a more 'all encompassing' effect. Those familiar with traditional Irish forms would recognize elements of the 'sean-nos' style in her singing.
"O don't you see that milk-white dove
A-sitting on yonder tree,
Lamenting for her own true love,
As I lament for thee, my dear,
As I lament for thee.
Ye are the darlin' o' me heart
Until me dyin' day.
The river never will run dry,
Nor the rocks melt with the sun;
And I'll never prove false to the girl I love
Till all these things be done, my dear,
Till all these things be done.
Ye are the darlin' o' me heart
Until me dyin' day…
Until me dyin' day.

"Well, there you have it, Sweet." Armand rests his hand on her arm and pats it, his gaze never leaving Adrian. "Does he now? Well there you have it. A fine neutral location. I shall then send someone by tomorrow to ask after your calendar and see what might work for us, oui?" he lifts his brows and nods, extending his free right hand towards the other man. "Monsieur, mille fois merci. Merci and the best to you and yours, non?"

Arden moves away from the cafe, whatever might have been drawing her in there eclipsed by the song, one she's never head and accompanied by an instrument she's only read about to boot. Polite words are exchanged as she moves back out of the lobby, to find a free seat, if one's to be had, in the hall.

Jasmine is busy as ever, though she's certainly not bringing in the coin Sweet did, but the boys and men come regardless, including a young lad, who gets a kiss on the cheek, which seems to be quite enough for him.

Frank, having found the rhythm of the song, follows Grace's harp quite well…perhaps recalling a time when he drank less and played more…a long time ago, in a state far removed from this one.

Adrian's eyes flash dangerously as he seeks out the tall, sturdy form of his oldest son, dancing with the well rounded and buxom Bridget. Catching the younger man's eye, he just gives him a cold, angry glare before turning back, "Ah, tis a heartache to hear, though I ken his style o' fighting. Indeed, twas meself who gave him the science o' it, whilst twas his Mam who gave him the brawn."
He lays hsi hand lightly on Tess' shoulder, "P'raps, mo chroi, we should get the bairns home?" At Armand's words, he replies fluidly, "Merci beaucoup, Monsiuer. I shall look forward to our meeting. May the Almighty look after ye and yours."

Finnegan Llewellyn even steps up to the kissing booth. He digs deep in his pocket, finding his allowance and holds it up. It's a quarter. "Will ye kiss me for this, me fair chroi.."

The party seems to dwindle and the shy nurse glances around to those who are left in the party. Evalyn had simply taken a seat to listen to the angelic music sung by Grace. Her gaze then seems to drift off into the distance as she listens to the words whistfully.

"You're a sweet boy. A quarter gets you five kisses, it's only a nickel." She looks over in the last direction she saw Sweet go, and takes the boy's quarter, neatly handing him back his change, before he too gets his cheek kiss. And then, she kisses the other, a two for one special." And once she stands back up, she looks over at the line, "And if your name's not Finnegan Llewellyn, don't be looking for more than one."

Finnegan goes all moon eyed as he gets kissed not once..but twice! He blushes from roots to toes and nearly faints. But, he manages to hold onto his..uh..manly behavior. "Aye..and ye be a good kisser, lass. A verra good kisser.. Better'n Hope McGivney e'en!", he says, mentioning the seven year old daughter of the Widow McGivney that runs the newspaper. "Be my valentine then, lovely Jasmine…" Oh yes..all swagger and such. His older brother, Liam, nearly chokes on his drink in the corner, watching the display.

Armand smiles as he nods towards the Llewellyns. "The best of the evening to you all." he says, backing with Sweet and turns to address one of his own well-wishers for the mayoral race, stopping to speak to a couple of the folk and thanking them for their continues support.

Finnegan, blushing and proud, beams like the cat that ate the canary, strutting away from the kissing booth like Cock o' the Walk. Adrain chuckles at the sight, and leans towards Tess, "remind me to nae be letting the lad alone with young Hope, hmm?" He gathers miriam up in his arms, "And what, me wee heathen, have ye found now?" he asks, prying her tightly clenched jaws apart, "ye ken I do nae care for thsi new hiding place ye use."

"I would be right honoured to be your Valentine, Finn. Why don't we go and have a bit of hot cocoa?" The young girl, despite her looks, and what people might say about the silverminer's daughter, is a sweet girl, and loves children. And so, she waves off to the line, "Sorry, gents. I'm afraid I have a gentleman caller." And so, the much taller…comparatively…woman, walks back for cookies and cocoa with the little man.

Sweet follows along on Armand's arm. She engages a number of the men in conversation..and a few women. But mostly she gets icy glares from wives and girlfriends. But it doesnt' seem to phase the bubbly blond as she laughs and smiles her way around the room.

Tess just chuckles at Llewellyn. "Aye..he is a son after yer own heart, hmm? I think Liam's been givin' him lessons too..", she says, watching her nine year old wander off with Jasmine for cookies and cocoa. She frowns at Miri. "Give it, lass…"

With the party continuing to dwindle and the music having faded, Evalyn rises from her chair. Slowly the nurse makes her departure, simply humming the tune of the song to herself.

The indian girl stubbornly keeps her jaws clenched tight, until Adrian deftly presses the back of her cheek, and they pop open to spill a shiny object into his hand. "Now where, me wee lass, did ye find this?" he asks the toddler, shaking a ring under her nose. "How many times have I told ye nae to put things itno yoru mouth?" Turning, searching, he looks for oen of the children, "Colleen! Will ye see if the Sheriff is about? or the organizer o' this party?"

Colleen frowns and looks about. She looks for the organizer…. Finding Ohls, she starts to tug on the woman's dress but stops. "Excuse me, ma'm…", the girl says quietly. "My Da would like to be speakin' wi' ye.."

Armand eventually manages to draw Sweet away from the boys, hanging his cane on the back of a chair as he pulls towards the dancing area, quite happy that the tunes are slower for the time being, otherwise his bad leg would see him at a very sore disadvantage more than it currently is. At is is he does a fine job giving Sweet a tour of the area, spinning and twirling her about when it warrants.

Sweet laughs and dances with Armand. For someone presumably a working girl, she knows some lovely dances. Her blue eyes sparkles as they meet those of the Mayor. And she speaks quietly to him as them move along the floor.

Arden looks around, as she hears, in the lull between verses, the rising voice of the eldest Llewellyn, and she gets up from her seat. How did she know the night wouldn't end without some sort of calamity…but she puts on a calm face as she sees one of the girls come over and tug on her shirtsleeve and she rises, "Of course, I'd be glad to speak with him." Carefully threading seats and dancers, she moves to approach the Da in question, "I'm sorry, has there been some trouble?"

The elder Llewellyn is still scolding his 'wee heathen', but breaks off as Arden comes up, "Ah, tis me Miriam. She has found someone's lost ring, it seems, but will nae e'en say from where." he holds the ring up, "I do no' know who else may haa a notion o' the true owner, but I assure ye, she didna take it out o' maliciousness."
Miriam is still reaching for the ring, fat tears forming in her dark eyes. "No. Lass<" he scolds, "tis nae yours, your Da will get ye one o' your own." this subsides the child, and she settles back in his arm, pointing to the side of the wall, "Dere."

It would seem that Grace is a bit of an opportunistic performer. For as soon as she's finished the one song, she launches into another… Just as wistful, just as airy, just as Irish. The harp melts seamlessly from one song to another as the little seamstress begins to sing about the Old Country and the loves left behind.
"I've met some folks who say that I'm a dreamer
And I've no doubt there's truth in what they say
But sure a body's bound to be a dreamer
When all the things he loves are far away
And precious things are dreams unto an exile
They take o'er the land across the sea
Especially when it happens he's an exile
From that dear lovely isle of Inisfree.
And when the moonlight peeps across the rooftops
Of this great city wondrous though it be
I scarcely feel it's wonder or it's laughter
I'm again back home in Inisfree…
"I wander o'er green hills through dreamy valleys
And find a peace no other land could know.
I hear birds make music fit for angels
And watch the rivers laughing as they flow
And then into a humble shack I wander
My dear old home I tenderly behold
The folks I love around the turf-fire gathered
On bended knee the rosary is told
But dreams don't last though dreams are not forgotten
And soon I'm back to stern reality
For though they pave the footpath here with gold dust
I still would choose the Isle of Innisfree.
Finally, Grace finishes her little medley and nods to Frank in thanks, a happy blush on her cheeks as she stops to pack up her harp.

Tess frowns and leans closer to see said ring. "'Tis no' mine, aye. My wedding ring is accounted for..", she says with sigh.

Arden, looking down at the girl that looks, well, not like, but very much in the same vein as she does, goes down on a knee, reaching out to accept the ring from the elder Llewellyn, "I am certain that she didn't." And then she turns her attention to the girl, attempting to assuage her tears, "Little one…we must find who this belongs to…it's only right. But perhaps, if your father would approve, I could make one for you. For your own." She does look back up to her father, to see if he'd agree.

He gives Ohls the barest of nods, and mouths, "Aye, and thanks." before standing and slipping an arm around Tess' waist. "She is a good lass, only curious about all she sees, and with nae trace o' fear in her bones. When I was roofing the hosue, she would sit there and ne'er a peep make, climbing up on her own." The elder Llewellyn is obviosly proud of the girl, and just as obviosuly adores her as much as his own, "Aye, she's me wee heathen, ye ken, but me daughter all the same."

Colton moves back through the crowd nodding to the few folks he knows. He makes his way to the door, stopping to tug on the brim of his hat as a woman crosses his path.

Armand finally leads Sweet off of the dance floor and moves to retrieve his cane. Saying their good-byes and until-laters, the pair make their way towards the door and out on to the street, turning and giving parting waves.

Arden offer the small girl a smile, "You did a good thing in finding it though, it might have been lost and never found," before she returns to her feet, "I'll go and meet with Nora and see if we can't track down whom this might belong to. If worse comes to worse, and we can't find them tonight, we'll place an ad in the newspaper, and see if anyone comes to claim it." A polite smile a nod to Mrs. Llewellyn as well. "Please don't trouble yourself. I can recall doing very similar things when I was a child. I'll see things put right."

"Thank ye, lass. now we'll be taking our departure. Twas a fien celebration, nae doubt, and if the reciepts dinna reach what is needed, ye can count on us to make up the difference, aye?"

"We had set no goal for what might be raised, but we have an estimate of what is needed, though many have volunteered their services, and that is a fine thing. But I thank you all for coming, it was wonderful to have you here." Arden steps back, out of politeness, though, as she's not wearing a dress, forgoes the curtsey. "I will let you know what was raised." She'll wait, out of politeness, until they've departed, before she'll go to track down Grace.

Grace is humming softly under her breath as she moves from the singing stage and slings her carrying bag over her shoulder. Something in her eyes is a little melancholy… as perhaps the Irish are wont to be when singing of home… and she casts her eyes about for Marcus. Instead, she spots the Llewellyns and scurries over like a shot.
"Beggin' yer pardon, but is it -The- Llewellyn?" she bursts out, using the familiar Irish title to denote the leader of a clan. She looks at the family. "Ach. Ye're all goin'… Donna let me keep ye, but when ye've a chance, meself would like tae have a word with ye an yer wife?" She's speaking very fast, with a thick Cork lilt, trying to get it all in before the mini army of Irish leave. "Meself is Grainne O'Coilean. Grace.. I'll be runnin' the clothier come spring… Saints keep ye."

Adrian acknowledges the singer's rapid-fire speech with a gracious nod, "Aye Lass, but we must beg leave. the bairns, ye ken, tis past their bedtime."

Tess's brows raise as Llewellyn is called -The- Llewellyn. She chuckles a bit and nods. "The clothier, aye? An' much use ye will be indeed. Many like fine things in this town. Including my lasses.", she says, indicating Coleen and the bronze skinned Miriam. "Plus we've many others out a' the farm what can be using your skills for party dresses sometiems….though they ha' no' much, ye ken."

Arden steps away, as Grace engages the family in conversation, going to find Jasmine, who's sitting by the window with Finnegan, and calling the boy away to join his family. And then she's off to speak with Nora about the ring.

Llewellyn waves to the remaining partiers and shoos his brood out the door, his arm around Tess' waist, and the bronze skinned girl peering back over his shoulder at the departing blacksmith, dark eyes solemn.

Grace smiles broadly and nods. "Aye, Ma'am," she tells Tess. "Sure, but I donna charge beyond a person's means. 'Tis nae meself tha' holds the deeds tae Skibbereen. I'm currently workin' out o' the Schoolteacher's house down the street. Ye can bring yer lasses there, or I can get me Marcus tae bring meself tae ye? All the same, Ma'am, methinks yer husband is ready tae go. Nar lagai Dia do lamh.." And she turns away.

Arden is settled in over by Nora, and the pair are counting out the moneys made from the collection box, as well as the amount brought in from the kissing both, quite a tally, especially once the donation from the Mayor is counted in. And as the Llewellyn's leave, so too filter out a few more and for a little while's it's quiet, until the next round begins. Arden, looking back, catches sight of Grace, "Miss O'Coilean…that was a lovely song. I don't think I've heard better. And you won't believe how much we've made so far." Nora continues the counting, and takes out the fee for the use of the Hotel.

Grace had been peeking in the Cafe, likely to look for Marcus, when she hears Ohls. Turning, she smiles shyly. "Ye're a kind woman, Miss Ohls," she says with a soft blush. "'Tis naa meself that's the musician in me family… 'Twas me dear brother Seamus, God rest him. Ach, himself had the voice o' the very angels, and nary a man could keep his own eye from waterin' when he sang."
She moves to Arden's side and sets her harp down carefully. "Tis a good thing that ye're doin'," she says with a nod. "And I'm sorry about the outburst a while back with the whoor. 'Twas language me mam would have boxed me ears fer usin'… But I jus' didna like her makin' eyes at me Marcus." She sighs suddenly, seeming very sad indeed. "Ach, me mam. She'll kill meself when I write tae tell her that her ring's been stolen an' lost."

"I think that you are both musicians. And I think there were quite a few tears when you finished." Nora, having taken her fee, places the rest into the locked safe, but she leaves out the box, of course, the party still carrying on inside the hotel, though now the crowd is older and there are very few, if any, children. "It is what's right, and what can be done. And we'll see the money fairly distributed, making certain that the people like yourself, who have an entire business to repair are given the most assistance. But you did your own good service…helping that poor girl Sheriff Colton brought into the general store." A quirk of a smile, as she considers, "My father used to say…when I would ask him if he ever worried after my mother, when she was off conducting business. And he said to me…that it doesn't matter who looks at your face, it matters who holds your heart." Arden's head tilts, as she hears the last, and she reaches into a pocket of her vest, pulling out a ring, and holding it out on her palm. She doesn't comment, just waits.

Grace smiles and nods gently. "Aye. 'Tis as much tha' me Marcus did say when he tol' meself that he loved me. An 'tis why I feel wee mite bad fer callin' her a bitch." Incidentally, 'whoor' was said with as little vindictiveness or judgement as one might call another person a 'nun' or a 'painter'. It's a profession. That's all. …Well, so long as hands are kept away from a certain mister, that's all and it's not personal.
Suddenly, the clothier's eyes land on the ring in Ohls' hand. Those twin baby-greens widen and her lips form a perfect 'o' as she gasps. "WHERE, in the name o' Mary, did ye find it?!" she cries out, tears springing to her eyes and her fingers snatching up the red-gold, emerald, and pearl Georgian ring. Without another word, she's flung her arms around the blacksmith and is sobbing profusely.

Abigail approaches the small gathering of remaining folk with half of a cupcake within her left hand and a group of homespun and crafted cards within her other hand. There's a sprinkling of glittering over her left cheek. She doesn't mind it, apparently. Her hair is a touch of a mess, as well, but the long-legged blonde holds herself quite well in spite of exhaustion setting upon her shoulders and features as a whole. She stops a short distance away from Arden, arching a slender eyebrow questioningly at the goings-on but holding back any initial comments.

Arden makes no effort to keep the ring for herself. In fact it's a smile she offers as the woman as the ring is grabbed and she's hugged. It's almost, well, comical, or would be, if it weren't for the crying, as she's nearly a foot taller than the small irish woman, in her riding boots. But she comforts the woman nonetheless, the looks she sends over Grace's head clearing relaying what words don't say, 'I have no idea what is going on.' But then she speaks, a hand patting the clothier's back comfortingly. "Was Miriam who found it. The Lewellyn's adopted daughter." Can't be any doubt which that would be, the tiny native american child quite distinct from the other Llewellyn children. "She meant no harm, I'm sure. She likely found it, and thinking it pretty, took it to play with." She leaves out the whole, she had it in her mouth thing. She's three, kids that age put everything in their mouths.

Grace pulls back, clasping the ring to her bosom with one hand and wiping her cheeks dry with the other. "Ye donna ken… 'Tis a family ring. 'Twas me Oma's ring tha' Opa had made tae marry herself with.. An' when me Mam was betrothed, she gave it tae me Mam. Meself is the ouldest daughter in me family, so me Mam gave it tae -me- when I left the Oul' Country nigh three years ago…"
She looks at the ring and then back to Ohls, shaking her head emphatically, red curls bouncing around her face. "Tis one o' the only things I have o' me Mam… An' it means the world tae me!" She takes a few deep breaths, collects herself… And then begins to laugh with sheer joy. Only the Irish can change emotions that quickly. "Do ye ken what this means?" she asks Ohls, finally looking around and spotting Abigail too. "Me Marcus an' I can finally get married!" she gushes, unable to wait for an answer.

Abigail could say a thing or two about the pair but rather instead the woman shifts her weight from one boot to the other and makes with continuing onward, walking past Arden and Grace with a small shrug of her shoulders. She finds herself a chair, sets her cards down, and politely finishes off her cupcake in a moment of peaceful and relaxing quiet. At least, she's quiet.

Arden releases the clothier, offering Grace a handkerchief pulled out of a pocket. And yes, despite the fact that the blacksmith spends most of her day dirty, sweaty and covered in ash and soot, the hankie, like her clothing and the rest of her are well-tended and clean. "It's a beautiful ring. It's no wonder it caught the little one's eye and a good thing it did, or it might well have been lost or stolen. "I'm glad that the wedding can finally arrive. It will be a joyous occasion." As all wedding are, "Would you like something to drink…" A smile in Abigail's direction as the blond settles in to enjoy a good dessert as any woman would, and well deserved, considering all of the work she did with the children, "If you are needing a minister, you should speak with Minister Young, he's newly arrived in town."

"Minister?" Grace asks with an uncomprehending blink.
"Oh!" She shifts uncomfortably. "Well, I donna ken if I could use a protestant pri.. Minister. 'Twould na be a proper weddin'," she murmurs. She glances at the ring again with a soft smile. "An', I be wantin' tae thank ye fer takin' me Marcus on. 'Tis a rare person in this town that'll do such a thing, considerin' some o' the man's friends. Sure but himself is a good man an' wants tae work an' provide us a good home an' livin'. I know himself is grateful an' will do ye proud."

"Well, as I've heard, there's no Catholic priest in this town, and his god is your god, even if the way you worship him might be different. Though I am not, my father was Catholic, but often, when we were living in a town where there was no church for him to go to, he would go to services at another. But…perhaps there is a priest in another town that could be brought in, once the weather is better." Arden steps away, heading over towards the drinks station, "Why don't we talk about it over tea?" A shake of her head, as Grace speak to Marcus' character, "I have spent most of my life being judged for what I look like and not for who I am or what I do. I see no reason to judge someone else in the same way that I've been judged."

It's no long time at all that has Abigail finished the cupcake but she does forget the cards when standing up and beginning to re-head for Arden and Grace. However, she forgot the cards and must turn back about in order to fetch them from the flooring. She pauses in step to make sure they're kept close, snug to her corseted abdomen. "Life has taught me that proper things are only proper because they risk being ruined, nothing more or less," states the woman as she comes to walk behind the pair. "It's best in life to take what you can get, and cherish it, appreciate it, before you lose even that."


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