Virginia Lee Carmichael
Portrayed By Joanna Going
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 14, 1865
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases Ginny; V
Place of Birth Rose Hill, VA, USA
Occupation Heiress, Gambler
Known Relatives Maddison Anne Carmichael, nee Dupree (Mother), Robert Ashley Carmichael (Father)
Significant Other None


  • Virgina Lee Charmichael was born on the lovely green estate of Rose Hill. It was one of the plantations that had been spared destruction during the War of Northern Aggression, perhaps in no small part due to its beauty and strategic placement. It had been made into a headquarters for Union officers and dispatch. But all that was before Virginia was born. Virgina was conceived and born, actually, by a Southern Gentleman returning from war duty as one of Robert Lee's deputies. Hence, the little girl's middle name. Both of Virginia's older brothers had also fought in the War, but failed to return: one died in combat, the other married a Northerner and had fought for the Union. He was subsequently disinherited by their father.
  • Virginia was raised up a proper Southern Belle: polite, charming, demure and passionate. Her father's business was horses, actually, and Virginia learned at an early age how to ride and handle the majestic animals. She learned sewing, was given a well-rounded education, learned cooking and fashion… But thanks to her father and his doting, she learned to gamble by sitting on his lap during his weekly card games, and she became… Very good at it. The young woman was a natural flirt, being so accustomed to the attentions of men and affection of women as a child. Her father doted upon her constantly and she was the delight of her mother who had always wanted a daughter.
  • When she was seventeen, her father died in a hunting accident. Her mother followed a month later out of grief after an accidental overdose of laudinum. Virginia was devastated. She suddenly found herself without her beloved parents and heir to a large estate with only a small outlook on life. She began to travel. She took her 'nurse' with her and simply travelled. After her parents passed, Virginia simply couldn't sit still anymore, and certainly not at Rose Hill. Eventually, she made her way back from Europe and decided to travel West instead. After just over a year on the road, Virgina has arrived in Colorado Springs with her mulatto nurse, Essie, in tow.


Perhaps the thing that most immediately would catch someone's attention is this woman's hair. It's silken and soft and brown. Really, really brown, like chestnuts and cinnamon and chocolate. It's the shade of deep red-tinted brown that could only occur in nature, that bottles simply cannot reproduce.

Somewhere in her late teens or early twenties, the young woman's figure has been sculpted into the ideal form of a Parisian fashion plate. Her assets are neither overflowing nor small, giving her a balanced shape that is comely and easy to dress. She can hardly be an inch over 5'4", and she has all the finely boned features of the traditionally feminine. Her soft oval face is delicate in its charms: high cheekbones, a softly rounded chin, a nose that is dainty and adorable, and lips that are generous and curving. Her eyes are slightly almond shaped and a rich brown, veiled by a thick dark fringe of lashes.

She wears a bustled walking dress of rich garnet silk; the underskirt is box pleated, with a narrow-plaited ruffle below the edge, which is cut in points. Luxurious drapery is fastened on the jacket-like corseted bodice, cut in the latest Paris fashions and is trimmed with a band of embossed velvet, with cuffs and high collar of the same. Hand-tatted lace peeks from the bodice's collar, attached to a smartly sewn blouse of a fine cream lawn. A velvet bonnet, trimmed with satin surah, flowers, and feathers is perched jauntily over her dark, cunningly pinned tresses.


  • "Ah'll be sure to fall again and give you a chance to redeem yourself, Sir…"


  • Fresh Apple and Raspberry Cobbler served with vanilla ice cream
  • Long hot bubble baths
  • Flowers
  • Surprises
  • Animals, especially horses


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