Ben Wade
Portrayed By Russell Crowe
Gender Male
Date of Birth April 23, 1842
Age 39
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases Alias
Place of Birth Bern, Georgia, USA
Occupation General Store Owner
Known Relatives Jane Doe (Mother), John Doe (Father)
Significant Other None


Born in 1844, in the small town of Bern, Georgia. Ben's family owned a cotton plantation, reasonably prosperous. Ben never really attended formal schooling apart from his mother teaching him the rudimentaries of reading and writing, he can spell his own name and read it though. He spent most of his time working on the plantation with his father, making sure the slaves kept to work. As he grew older he became more and more involved with parties sent to recapture runaways, which taught him to ride and track in the hills and ridges of the Blue Mountains. When the war broke out, Ben was initially called up because of his service in the militia, joining one of the many raider cavalry units that foraged deep behind Union lines attacking supply depots and causing chaos. He was wounded twice, a bullet still in his right leg still gives him problems on cold nights, the aches and pains never quite going away completely.

He was promoted to Sergeant, and was looking towards a commission when the war ended. His membership of a raiding unit put him on a sort of most wanted list with the Federal army, who wished to hang every member they caught. It is for this reason that Ben fled, heading westwards with a few of his compatriots. They took an odd number of jobs, guarding wagons, working as ranchers and other sorts of labor. As the years passed, most of them died off or went their own ways to settle down. Ben continued onwards though, and as he ages, looks to settle down, but the spark of his youth hasn't quite faded yet, and he still holds a grudge against the Union for the war, the south will rise again and all that.


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