Wade/ Bennet to the Rescue


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Summary: Wade investigates the scene and gets help!

Date:December 1883

Wade/Bennet to the Rescue

Doctor's Office

A small series of woman's screams could be heard in the local area. Though the screams had quickly died down. As Wade aproaches the doc's office, he may have noted some bloodied footprints leaving the building. Once inside, the scene is something from a horror film. On the desk is a neatly wrapped package stained in blood. Oh.. say. roughly the shape of a head. Evalyn however is sitting in a chair. Down her left arm a solid flow of crimson flows, pooling on the floor underneath her. The left side of her dress is torn, most likely from somthing sharp and is also stained a deep crimson. Around her neck are bruises the shape of a large hand. Though even more notable is a dagger that protrudes from her right shoulder, firmly pinning her to the chair behind her.

Wade looks, well, dumbfounded as he looks upon the somewhat gruesome scene. "What… the.. fuck…" he says, breathlessly, confusion written on his facial features, still evidently trying to realize what he is seeing.

Evalyn slowly looks up. Her face is pale from loss of blood and looks like she could very well pass on at any moment. "Help me.." She pleads to him. She would reach to him, but both arms are incapacitated due to grievous injuries. Her voice is weak. Her eyes are swollen from tears shed and widened slightly from fear. "The .. preacher…" She rasps out.

Wade reaches, finding whatever he can use as a bandage. A towel, a shirt, jacket, anything that plugs a hole as he steps towards Evalyn. "What feckin happened?" he asks as he gets in close to Evalyn, trying to staunch the bleeding, looking for a proper doctor.

There are multiple wounds. Two punctures to her left bicept, a long shallow gash down her side from her shoulder that trails down to her hip. And then there is the knife still protruding from her right shoulder, stuck deeply into the chair behind her. She is weak as she looks to him, "The preacher.. he is.. the devil…" She says in rapsed tones. "He killed her…" Her gaze flickers to the nicely wrapped package on the desk.

Wade frowns, "The preacher? who? Who did he kill?" he asks, trying to apply pressure to the wounds, "WHERE'S THE FUCKING DOCTOR?!"

Evalyn shakes her head. "I .. don't know him.." She leans her head back on the chair. "Wears preacher.. clothes.. tall.." She is fading it seems. There is so much blood everywhere. "Home." She replies to the question of the doctor. She looks to him. "I'm sorry.."

Wade shakes his head, "Don't talk, just… rest… I'll go get the doctor.. we'll get you fixed up…. just rest…" he shushes, still trying to keep the blood from oozing from her body, trying to knot the bandages so they will stay put while he runs for the Doc.

Evalyn winces as he ties knotes tightly around her bleeding areas. Her eyes flutter closed and another tear falls down her cheek. A sob comes from her chest, which causes yet another wince as it moves against the knife plunged into her. "He said.. he will come… back."

Wade nods, "Do you want me to go get him or should I stay with you?" he inquires, making sure her bandages are firmly knotted, leaving the knife in for the time being as he works to control the bleeding.

Evalyn whispers, "I need a Doctor." She looks to him with such tired, weak eyes. "Also.. warn Meriah. He … may try.. to hurt her.. too." She looks to the package. "He.. killed.. her.. the whore. Says it is.. a purging.."

Wade nods, "I will go get the doctors.. you.. just stay here.. and… stay awake….." he says, giving her a little pat on the head before charging for the door!

Evalyn offers a slight smile, "Thanks.." She says nothing more as he leaves, just stares at the package on the table. She was too tired and too weak to cry anymore, though her eyes told it all.

Wade returns, hopefully with Doctor in tow. "Evalyn's been hurt.. I don't know how or why.. but she's hurt…" he says, panting and sweating, letting the Doctor take over for Evalyn.

Evalyn is still in the chair with the knife driven through her right shoulder, pinning her to the chair. She looks terrible. Her face has gone from pale to downright ashen. The scene is one of a horror film. Blood is trailed through the area, possibly even a few bloodied footprints trailing out. The package is still sitting on the desk, wrapped up neat. As the men enter, her gaze slowly lifts though it almost seems as if she has a far away expression.

James had been wisked from his house hurriedly, an it's for that reason that the silk shirt is unadorned by tie and vest. "Nurse Kingsley." Her names escapes from the chipper Boston mouth as soon as his limp clears the door. "Excuse me, sir? Could you put some water on to boil? We're going to have to act fast…She's lost alot of blood…"

Wade works frantically (taking turns to haul groceries in from the car). He heads off to fetch a pot, filling it with water and putting it on the stove, stoking the fire with a large amount of kindling and other big pieces of wood, trying to get it burning nice and hot as quickly as he can.

Evalyn speaks in a raspy tone, obviously doing everything she could to stay awake. Her gaze somewhat focuses on James. But it seems she is drunken, though it is just the loss of blood. "Doctor.." She rasps out. "I made.. a mess.." She looks to Wade. She was beginning to get delirious.

"No, my dear friend. You've made no mess at all…" Doctor Bennet reaffirms her with one of his gentle smiles, the quiet, brilliant eyes probing the wounds. One of his hands reaches into his bag, drawing a clean white cloth and holding it around the point where the knife enters the young woman's shoulder. "Now this is going to hurt a bit…." With a single swift motion, the man draws the knife easily from it's fleshy prison. "Ahh. We're lucky, now. It doesn't look as though any arteries were bothered in the least…"

Wade is still working on the boiling water, stoking and feeding the fire, giving quick looks over his shoulder, making sure Evalyn is still among the living it seems.

Evalyn lets out a cry of pain as the knife is pulled out. The knife looks expensive and VERY well made. The outcry simmers down to sobs as she remembers the events. But there just isnt enough energy in her to keep the sobbing up for long. She settles back as he presses to the wound to stop the bleeding. "I owe.. you.. again now." She says quietly and in rather pained tones. "Seems.. we take.. turns.. eh?"

"Friends don't keep track of such things, my good nurse." James' accent is bold and unflinching. It's a steady remind of back home in Boston. The doctor's hands are obviously skilled. Within seconds, the shoulder of her dress is ripped away and both sides of the wound are bandaged with a simple compression set. Two pieces of cloth held together with great pressure by a third tied piece of cloth. "Now up we come. Let's get to my operating room and I'll get you fixed as good as new, hm?"

Evalyn turns her gaze to the bandaged area and then back to Bennet. "Good work.. Doctor.." She says quietly. She is quite uncapable of standing on her own and the movements are like a very drunk person. She is weak in the knees and leans very heavily on him.

James' arm is heavily around the woman before she can blink. Even with his bad leg, he manages to pull her into the operating room with little trouble. "Thank you, nurse. You know, I went to one of the best medical schools in the country…" With his assistance, the young woman is laid down on that surgical table, her legs immediately being raised on an egg crate to combat shock. "JUST to come out here to the middle of the wild west and make sure you're alright, Miss Kingsley. I assure you. I wrote a paper on it." Again, his smile is the one prevailing feature on that handsome face. Before she would know it, his hands had been sterilized and he was cleaning all four of the wounds…Those careful eyes never seeming to miss an inch.

Evalyn gives a single chuckle to the words he speaks. "I bet.. that.. was a long.. paper.." During her trek to the operating room, she leaves a trail of crimson droplets, smeared by the shuffle of her feet. Once she lays back on the bed, she stares up to the ceiling. Her eyes drift open and closed as he works. "I.. won't let the .. devil.. win.." She says weakly. "No… I can't.. I won't."

"Neither will I, Nurse Kingsley. I've built a profession on combating the devil and…." James squints slightly when he pushes the needle easily through the first bit of skin. The doctor had chosen to begin with the shoulder for stitches. Something about the wound seeping the most blood seemed to worry him. "The people he sends to collect the living." The man's stitches are absolutely skillful. tight, small, and close together. The evidence of his surgical specialty was becoming apparent. "You'll have a scar…But it won't be a bad one. Luckily, I'm not terrable at this sewing thing…"


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